Beauty Products That Will Give You an Edge

Who doesn’t want to be beautiful? The desire to look our best is the most natural impulse in the world, and it can even be a healthy impulse. Experts have determined that health and beauty are closely connected and that looking great is great for our self-esteem, as long as we’re careful to approach our beauty concerns from a place of positivity. Life is better when you feel beautiful.

So how can you look your best? You can start with healthy habits such as eating well, exercising, and taking care of your skin. But, of course, half the fun of making yourself beautiful is choosing the products and techniques that best suit you. Here are a few great beauty products that you should make sure are in your care arsenal.

Eyelash extensions

Batting your eyelashes at someone is a classic flirty move. But if you’re going to increase your “batting average,” then you had better be batting some real beauties. When it comes to eyelashes, everyone knows that longer is better.

So what can you do if you weren’t born with movie-star eyelashes? You can do what the movie stars themselves are doing: using an eyelash extension kit. Sorry for ruining the magic, but many of the elegant eyelashes you’re seeing out there are not natural. If you want to get an edge in the beauty game, you need to invest in eyelash extensions. Find the right look and length for you, and then stock up so that you always have the lashes you need when you need them.

The best moisturizer you can get

Maintaining beautiful skin means two things above all else: Washing (you should be washing your face twice a day and never sleep in makeup) and moisturizing. Without these two pillars of skincare, you won’t have the healthy and radiant skin that you deserve.

So make sure that you’re moisturizing — and don’t skimp on the moisturizer. Moisturizing is one of the single most important things that you can use to enhance your beauty, so get an edge by investing in a really good product that will keep your skin beautiful for years and years to come.

Pore strips

If you’re caring for your face as carefully as you can but are still getting blackheads and other blemishes, don’t panic. You have options for removing those.

Pore strips are like waxing for your blackheads. Slap one on and pull it off, and you’ll see that the nasty blackheads have come with it. Follow the treatment up with washing and anti-acne cleansers and creams to keep this problem from coming back.


When should you wear sunscreen?

This is a trick question. Experts agree that you should be wearing sunscreen every single time you go outside during the day — rain or shine, winter or summer. While the sun can do some good things for our health, it also has the potential to harm us. It can really mess up your skin, hurting your good looks in the near term and putting you at greater risk of skin cancer in the long run.

So invest in some high-quality sunscreen that you won’t mind applying every day after you moisturize. Take particular care to protect your face, which is exposed to the sun pretty much every time you leave your home. Over the years, adding this simple step to your skincare routine will make a dramatic difference in the condition and beauty of your skin.

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