Basic rules for parking in a Condominium

Nowadays the cities grow vertically and surely it has happened to you that you are going to visit your friend who lives in the “X” Condominium or the Dr. “Y” office but the complex does not have drawers for visits and you go back and forth. Turn down the street hunting the first place you find. The headache of visitors, including the reason for more than one problem with our neighbors, is parking, no matter the spaces use cashless pay station or not. So, if you have spaces for visits I leave you the key points and basic rules for parking in a condominium so you have optimal control:

1.- Limit the use of drawers:

The drawers intended for visits to your complex must be used solely and exclusively for that purpose, so it is prohibited the regular use of these drawers to the Condominiums, as well as to their domestic staff.

2.- Dissociation of responsibilities:

Although you must have an insurance policy against third parties, that is, the famous “We are not responsible for damages caused to your cars”, an incident that arises in the condominium must be attended to Preference for the insurance of each individual, remember that each incident adds points (money) to your policy.

 3.- Pay a pension to those who use a drawer regularly:

The drawers may not be occupied for a continuous period greater than 12 hours. The time limit to use a drawer in the visiting area for overnight cars will be 15 days, in case the vehicle uses the parking lot for more than 15 days, an amount of $ 500.00 will be charged as a pension to the department that it is visiting. This restriction is mainly for those who have more cars than drawers, in this way you avoid abuse and it is clear that the drawer is not exclusive to the said condominium.

4.- Limit your visits:

No more than 2 cars per department will be allowed at a time, all parking spaces assigned to visitors belong equally to all condominium owners, such places will be assigned according to the order of arrival.

5.- Use exclusively to park vehicles:

The parking spaces will be used solely and exclusively for the purpose they were created; they cannot be used to store things, such as equipment of any kind, garbage, boxes, disused cars, materials, bicycles, etc. It will not be allowed to wash, wax, polish, or mechanize the vehicles inside the parking lots because in addition to dirtying, they give a bad appearance to the entire complex.

Boats, campers, ATVs, trailers of any kind, or broken vehicles may not be parked on them.

6.- Identify:

All visitors and family members of the Condominiums who require a visitor parking drawer will be given a card when accessing, which must be placed in a visible place to have control of the parking available. In the event that the visitor is parked in an incorrect place, they may be required to move immediately, if ignored, the Administration reserves the right to contract a crane service for the removal of the car, with cost to the Condominium visited.

7.- Drawers for the disabled:

At least one drawer will be designated for vehicles of persons with disabilities and will be marked for that purpose. The vehicles that will be entitled to these spaces are only those that have official plates for the disabled.

If in your condominium there are problems of abuse of visitor parking, cars parked in common areas that are not intended for this use, you have to stop as soon as possible and take measures. It is preferable that everything stays in place and avoid problems with the same neighbors.

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