Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Office

Businesses generally try to maintain sanitary and aesthetically-pleasing work environments. After all, your environment at work affects your mood the same as it does at home. Factors like lighting, temperature, noise level, and the amount of clutter can all impact a person’s mood. The office environment can also affect workers’ productivity in several ways you or your employees/coworkers may not even be aware of.

It’s pretty self-explanatory how a stuffy or disorganized office can be distracting and slow down the workflow, but what about things like design elements, color schemes, or accessories? There have been countless studies on the psychological effects of color, and color psychology is frequently used in art therapy.

Color can also have an effect on how well you work, as can the way you use negative space in your office design and other aesthetics. Updating the interior design of your office is a great way to give it new life, and it may have more positive effects than you think. You don’t have to break the bank either; here are several budget ideas for your next project.

Whiteboard Stickers

If you brainstorm with the people in your office, or people just need a place to jot down notes or figures, whiteboard stickers can be a great addition to your office space. They’re much cheaper than installing hard whiteboards, and you can attach them to pretty much any stable surface. Just erase and peel it away when you’re done.

Wall Art

Every homeowner should have some wall art to spruce up their rooms or show off their creative side. Whether you decide to hang paintings, canvas art, or photos, wall hangings create an excellent frame to base the rest of your interior design around. For your office decor, it’s best not to over think things. Go for motivational posters or simple canvas pieces that can brighten up a room. If you tend to be on the same page with your coworkers, you might agree upon a theme. There are plenty of inspired ideas out there to choose from.

Upgraded Lighting

Offices are stereotyped as having harsh florescent lighting, and everyone who works in yours will be grateful if you break away from this. Instead, think about using LED task lights. Light strips can be placed above workspaces, or task lamps can be placed on desks. You can hang task lights from the ceiling as well to cover light gaps if you need to, but the goal of task lights is generally to decrease the need for overhead lighting. These lights generally have multiple settings for visibility, and they’re significantly more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights as well.

Of course, natural lighting is best for visibility and mood when its available, so you may want to look into a Lutron palladiom shading system. While such a shading solution is often used in residential design, these automatic shades are also great for commercial buildings as an alternative to hand-operated blinds or drapes.


People inherently want to be connected with nature, which can be hard if you work an office job. Fortunately, you can bring a bit of nature inside by placing plants around the office. This helps to significantly improve mood, and studies have indicated that employee productivity increases when they can see a plant from their desk. Plants also help to clean the air and can even help combat sickness. They even help you decorate more with stylish pots and vases.

If you need help with any of these ideas, or simply want to make a bigger change, you can always seek out office interior design services. Professionals can give your office a perfect makeover based on your space and needs.

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