A Must-Try Beard Styles In 2020

The men’s hairstyling has changed significantly over time, and this year we are seeing new haircuts for guys as well as some enhanced looks. The same trend is happening when it comes to facial hair, especially beard styles, which for a long time have been used as a symbol of men’s masculinity. The beards are currently awesome haircut combinations that every modern man wants to try.

As far as men’s haircuts are concerned, you would want to choose the right beard style that complements your type of haircut that you choose. Pairing a haircut with the wrong beard style can make you look different than what you expected. Here at MensHaircuts, we want to show you some of the popular beard styles that you may consider in 2020. Take a look.

  • Scruff

Popularly known as stubble beard style, this is a look that anyone can rock. You can wear this look whether you have a patch, straight or thick beard. It is quite versatile when it comes to hair type. This beard style offers you a bit of texture and grit that some men can only dream of.

To rock this beard style, you would want to grow your beard style for three to four days and then choose if you are going to trim it using a hair trimmer or to maintain it short. If you are looking for a kind of a “Wall Street” look with your stubble, then you should trim the necklines and cheek lines. And if you want to achieve a scruffier look, don’t trim your hair. Allow it to grow out naturally.

  • Corporate Beard

This is an ideal beard style for guys who can naturally grow out their facial hair. Don’t trim or shave your beards for a maximum of eight weeks to achieve the right length to rock the corporate look. With this beard style, you should be prepared for high maintenance since you would not want to see some tresses sprouting from the beard. As such, regular trimming of neckline and cheek line will come in handy to keep your beard looking more presentable as the corporate world demands.

  • Natural Beard

This beard style is simple and straightforward. Nothing complicated about it. Just allow your beard to grow out. You can trim it to the right shape as it grows out. The simple fact is that, as you trim your beard while growing, it grows fuller and with the right shape that you need.

  • Yeard

Though the most current trends in beard trends are geared towards the shorter beard, the Yard has taken a different new route. To rock this look, you would want your beard to grow out for nine months or a year. As it grows, trim it to give it shape and definition

  • Tweard

This style of beard can be said to be one step up from the Yeard. To rock this look, you would want to allow your beard to grow for at least twenty four months without trimming it, especially lengthwise. However, if you need something neat, you can trim it to give it shape and definition.

  • Terminal Beard

Talking about this type of beard styles, there is no universal length that you should grow your beard since different men have a different terminal length of their bead. This is typically a representation of the maximum length of your beard, basically, the point where your beard no longer grows-lengthwise. This can be termed as the final frontier when it comes to beard styling.

  • Verdi

This beard style gets its name from the popular composer known as Giuseppe Verdi. There are many happenings in this beard look. The Verdi style incorporates a tidily trimmed mustache and a long beard that grows to an extended length reaching the jawline and chin. The neckline is typically maintained clean.

  • Goatee

This ’90s beard style is still prevalent among many guys today. It is among the most requested beard styles in most barbershops across the world. You can choose to rock it big and bold or high and tight. The goatee is a very versatile look, so always experiment to explore different ways to rock it.

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