A Chiropractor Is More Than A Healer Of Lower Back Pain!


The modern form of treating chronic pain and recovering from injuries is chiropractic care, which includes general health and wellness. In addition, chiropractic care helps strengthen or heal the nervous system, which is responsible for most diseases and conditions.

Chiropractors are essentially the “doctors” of the nervous system. Different conditions can be successfully treated and cured by chiropractors that use their expertise in spinal manipulation to balance out joints and realign vertebrae in your body. Some of these disorders where chiropractic can prove helpful are detailed here:

✒️ Strains & Sprains in Back

You must be cautious about relying on chiropractic to treat sprains and themes in your back. First, this is because chiropractors use spinal manipulation to restore the nervous system, which may take an unknown amount of time for you to feel the difference. This is because different methods can treat these types of injuries and pain.

If you have been diagnosed with a sprain or strain in your back, you should go for a non-invasive treatment first; then, once everything heals, such as inflammation, muscles and tendons regain their form, and the skin recovered from the bruising is healed.

✒️ Pain in the Spine

The spinal cord that connects your brain with nerves in your body can develop some damage, which may interrupt the messages sent from your brain to different parts of your body. If you have pain in the spine, these damages have likely been causing your symptoms.

The expert chiropractor Portland can treat these pains through spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments. It would help if you discussed with them, which treatment method is suited for you and what is causing these symptoms.

✒️ Neck Pain from Tension

Tension in the neck can eventually lead to other pain and discomfort, such as headaches. In addition, the muscle or ligaments in the spine may be damaged, resulting in a pinching sensation in the neck. These injuries can also be treated by chiropractors when they first occur, but eventually, stress and strain on these areas can cause long-term damage that is difficult to reverse.

✒️Lower Back Pain due to Injury

Upper back pain is usually caused by an injury, while back pain due to lower back injuries has symptoms appearing after the initial injury has been sustained. For example, spinal injuries and injuries to discs in the spine can result in lower back pain. Chiropractors have special equipment and techniques, which can be used to help treat these kinds of injuries, deformities, pain, and stress.

✒️ Sciatica

Sciatica is an injury in the sciatic nerve or the large nerve that runs from your spinal cord to your buttock. After an initial injury, your sciatic nerve could get irritated due to spinal misalignment. Sciatica pain can be treated with the help of chiropractors who use spinal manipulation, muscle relaxers, and other physical therapy methods. 

The Bottom Line

If you currently suffer from any of these disorders, you should speak with a licensed chiropractor and discuss what treatment method would be best suited for you. In addition, if the pain becomes chronic, the symptoms can be significantly reduced with the help of a licensed chiropractor. However, you have to understand that several other types of treatments are suggested for treating these conditions.




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