9 Ways You Can Claim British Citizenship


Attaining British citizenship makes your life settled; you earn the right to live in the UK forever. Your status gets settled permanently, and you can claim all kinds of civic rights. You gain the liberty to vote in UK elections, etc. You may even stand for public office.

However, what are the easiest ways to claim British citizenship?

This article will discuss 9 eligible ways to help you get a British passport.

Let’s find out.

British Citizenship Claiming through Naturalisation

The admittance of a foreigner to the citizenship of the UK is more accessible when you live in the UK for not less than five years full activity longer than 450 days. In addition, you cannot travel outside of the UK for more than 90 days in the previous year.

Also, you must have UK permanent residence (for EEA nationals) or permission of indefinite leave to stay in the UK for at least the last one year at the time of your citizenship application. In short, you should have any of the following for at least one year:

Remember, the “life in the United Kingdom test” constitutes one of the requirements for anyone applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or naturalization as a British citizen.

Remember, if you are a spouse or civil partner of a British citizen, the above requirements may slightly change.

Get British Citizenship by Crown Service

You will be qualified for citizenshipbritish at the time of your birth if your parent or grandfather works for the UK Government at that time. However, they must be UK-born people.

Crown service includes the British military, the Diplomatic Corp, The YMCA and YWCA, the Overseas Civil Service, the Colonial Service, etc.

British Citizenship for Refuge & Stateless People

People become by-born citizens in their parents’ country or the country of birth. Nevertheless, they can become stateless without any nationality for reasons. In the UK, if either your father or mother is British at the time of your birth, they can apply for your birth registration as a British.

Remember, complete the registration before you reach 18.

And if you are a refugee, you can apply for citizenship when you already have spent five years of your Refugee Status. Then, you have to apply for ILR. Finally, after one year of ILR application, you can try British citizenship.

Marriage and British Citizenship

You can apply for UK citizenship by marriage only if your spouse is a British national. However, UK Government does not instantly grant citizenship to someone who is not a UK resident.

You will be eligible for citizenship application after staying at least 3 years in the UK and having permanent residence. Plus, you cannot have excessive absences during that period.

British Citizenship for Adopted Kids

UK Government will grant a British passport to an adopted child if either you or your spouse is British or a habitual resident in the UK. According to the British law, the citizenship application is not necessary. Adopted kids can claim automatic citizenship and directly apply for British passports.

Remember, if you adopt in any other circumstances, you cannot claim automatic nationality for your adopted child. And the application process will differ.

Obtain British Citizenship by Descent

Suppose you were born outside of the UK. In that case, you could claim British nationality only when your parent has British citizenship. They can be UK citizens by birth, registration, naturalization, or adoption.

However, you can apply for citizenship based on three different year categories. Have a simple look:

  • You were born before 1983: In this case, if your parents were married, you will be automatically eligible for UK citizenship, but only through your father.
  • Your birth year falls between 1983 and 30 June 2006: The advantage is you can claim nationality through your mother also. However, your parents must still be married if you need to claim through your father’s citizenship.
  • You born after 1 July 2006: You can obtain citizenship as long as either parent has British nationality, whether married or not.

UK Citizenship by Double Descent

UK immigration laws would grant you an automatic claim to British Citizenship if your grandparent or great-grandparent was born in the UK. Someone born overseas can apply for British citizenship based on either their parents’ or grandparents’ status as British citizens.

Claiming British citizenship by birth

Like some other countries, you cannot be a by-born British national. Based on the current law, you can claim nationality on two conditions based on the birth date:

  • If your date of birth was before 1 January 1983, you are already a British citizen.
  • If you were born on 1 January 1983 or later, you could claim citizenship if either parent lived permanently in the UK. Plus, there must be a record of your living in the UK for your first 10 years.

Citizenship by an Unmarried Father in UK

The British citizenship law previously refused the automatic right of the nationality of children of unmarried British fathers. The rules imposed on their mother should be British and settled in the UK at the time of the birth. In 2006, the new law was passed that allowed everyone born prior to 1 July 2006 to claim British citizenship regardless of their parent’s marital status.

Final Thoughts

Remember, it could be much easier to gain UK citizenship than we generally think. Now the immigration rules are modified, and there are lots of ways available to help you choose the UK for your destination.




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