7 Tips You Should Follow to Defend Your Medical License


Nothing can be more devastating and dismaying to medical practitioners than the prospect of losing their licenses. A suspended or revoked license would tremendously affect their ability to work in the future.

Once a medical license is on the line, there are specific actions one can take to defend it. It is important to consult with top medical license defense lawyers who are familiar with the process and procedures. A defense attorney serves as your liaison with the medical board ruling on your complaint and helps to handle the required paperwork.

Tips for Defending Your Medical License

Acknowledge receipt of the complaint

Once a formal complaint has been made against you, you will receive a written notice from the medical board ruling on the case. It is crucial that you respond to the notice as quickly as possible. However, do not feel compelled to respond to the charges filed against you, as any careless response could be used against you.

Consult an experienced attorney

Receiving an allegation of a medical license violation is not the end of the world. There are a series of events that are to follow before the board makes the final decision. It is important that you do not go through the process alone. You should seek the immediate help of an experienced lawyer who will mount a strong legal defense to protect your medical license. An experienced attorney will help you understand the sanctions imposed on you, represent you in any proceedings, and protect your rights.

Evaluate the complaint filed against you

This is where you walk together with a defense attorney to evaluate details about the allegations made against you. Your defense attorney, where necessary, investigates the allegations and offers advice on the best possible defense approach. Depending on the specific sanction, your attorney may undertake significant research of facts that can exonerate you from the charges against you.

Request a hearing from the board

Any medical professional who receives an allegation of a medical license violation has a right to a hearing, which, depending on the particular state, must be requested within 30 days of notice issuance. This hearing allows you to assemble a comprehensive defense strategy to argue your case, possibly prove your innocence, and contest their decision. If you fail to respond within the timeframe, the board is free to proceed with its instituted or intended action.

Request documentation from the medical board

This is where your attorney can submit a request for all the facts in possession of the medical board, such as interviews and testimonies from witnesses. This can go a long way toward helping you discover any flaw or error that can help defend your case and retain your medical license.

File for appeal

Even after a hearing has been concluded in favor of the complainant, an appeal is still possible. You can employ the services of a personal investigator to help develop a case and present it before the medical board. You can also appeal to a higher court to intervene in the board’s decision. Bear in mind that the board still possesses the authority to overturn this judgment.

Final Note

Considering all that is invested in medical practice, license suspension or revocation is not something any medical professional wants, as it can lead to the end of a career. If you find yourself facing a medical license issue, there’s no need to panic; only make sure to act and respond quickly.

It is important that you consult with an experienced attorney who has previously worked on medical license defense cases. This attorney will leverage their experience, resources, and connections to protect your medical license.




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