7 Studio Organization Tips for a More Organized 2020


Living in a studio apartment is a great way to save money. But, it can make life kind of difficult.

First of all, finding a spot for everything gets tricky. How on earth are you supposed to fit all of your belongings in one tiny room? And if you have to get rid of anything, how do you decide what to keep and what to toss?

It’s all very overwhelming. And it’s easy for a studio apartment to get very disorganized, very quickly.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. No matter how small your apartment is, you can turn it into a nice, organized home. And if you do it well, you won’t have to purge very much.

Putting together a functional and well-organized studio is possible. It can also be a lot of fun, too.

Below, check out some smart studio organization tips. These tips will help you stay more organized in 2020 and beyond.

1. Use Room Dividers for Storage

Walling off a section of your apartment for storage can help you stay organized. With a room divider, you won’t have to see your storage stuff all the time.

There are many different types of room dividers. For example, adding a bookshelf or shelving unit as a room divider can create more space.

Consider making or ordering a custom-made room divider. A personalized divider can be made specific to the dimensions of your apartment, helping you maximize space.

Do you need more room to store clothing? Then think about using a wardrobe as a room divider. A closet on wheels can double as storage and a makeshift wall!

2. Hang Things Up on the Wall

Your ceiling and wall space are excellent storage space. You should take advantage of them.

Hooks and pegs are great for hanging functional items.

In the kitchen area, you can use hooks for cooking utensils, pots and pans, and even mugs. Just make sure the hooks your mugs hang on are secure, so they don’t come crashing down!

Storage netting is another way to hang things on the wall. This material is perfect for soft items such as blankets or pillows.

And don’t forget about shelving. Installing shelves along the perimeter of your walls will create more storage space. You can place some decorations on it and add some personality to your apartment, too!

3. Create an Entryway

Are you struggling to find a place for your raincoat, shoes, and hats? Try putting the ones you use the most in an entryway.

If you don’t have a designated entryway, it’s time to create one! Build an entryway by adding cubbies and hooks. Use them to hang up the items that you use every day.

You should also consider hanging your keys near your entryway. It’ll be easier for you to find them if they’re by your doorway. Without a home for your keys, you’ll probably waste a lot of time hunting them down!

4. Use Large, Multi-Functional Furniture

In a studio, you may worry about how much furniture you should have.

If you have too much furniture, your apartment will look too cluttered. But if you don’t have enough furniture, your apartment will look empty.

That’s why you should focus on using large, multi-functional furniture.

Larger furniture pieces such as bookcases, dressers, and storage beds will provide storage space and make your home look cozy.

However, you should be very selective about the type of furniture you select. Remember, it must be able to fit comfortably in the space!

5. Employ Creative Tactics to Hide Things

Multi-functional furniture is fantastic. But finding ways to conceal your storage is even better. Who wants to walk into an apartment and see everything you own?

Displaying some things out in the open is fine. Books, records, and other collections look great on shelves. But there are other things that you’ll want to hide out of sight.

The more you can hide, the more organized your apartment will look.

Here a few fun and unusual ways to conceal your belongings:

  • Get a picture frame with hidden compartments
  • Find a keyboard with storage underneath for smaller accessories (yes, this exists!)
  • Use cavities between appliances for stashing storage containers that blend in
  • Get a shower curtain with pockets where you can store extra razors and other bathroom items
  • Store your papers inside binders and arrange them on your shelf

See, there are so many ways to hide your belongings without airing your dirty laundry!

6. Go for a Modern, Minimalist Design

An easy way to stay organized in your studio is by adopting a minimalist aesthetic.

Essentially, being a minimalist means not keeping a lot of “stuff” and simplifying your layout.

And oftentimes, minimalist apartments look very stylish and modern.

Too many decorations can make your studio feel claustrophobic.

That’s why being a minimalist is a great solution. You’ll have a lot less clutter, and your apartment will look fantastic.

7. Add Levels to Create an Illusion of Space

Even if you live in a single small room, it’s possible to create the illusion of having separate rooms. All it takes is adding different levels to your apartment!

You can create different levels by building a loft for your bed. You’ll need some DIY skills (or a helpful friend), but it can open up a ton of space in your room.

With a bed loft, you’ll be able to feel like you have a two-story apartment!

In Conclusion

See, there’s hope for maintaining an organized studio.

And even though your apartment might feel like a shoebox, you can arrange it in a way that makes it feel like home.

Being more minimalistic can help, as can the other smart tips we covered in this article.

You’re bound to come up with a tidy and stylish studio in time for 2020 to arrive!

Author Bio:

Novel Rio is a brand-new, mid-century inspired located in downtown Tempe just steps away from restaurants, shopping, museums, and cultural events. Explore the Rio life by grabbing a kayak from the on-site gear room or grilling by the pool with your friends. You will have everything you need right at your fingertips. All you have to do is seize the day!




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