7 Social Media Content Ideas for Hairdressers


Having a powerful social media presence is important for your hairdressing business or brand. A strong social media presence will help to build brand awareness and boost your following, which will in turn lead to more prospects and long-term clients. But to maintain a strong social media presence, posting regularly is not optional. The problem is that coming up with new and fresh social media content ideas can be a challenge for those hairdressers, who have to juggle multiple tasks. But, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will share five social media content ideas to help you get started. With that said, let’s jump straight in.

1. Host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session

As its name suggests, an ask me anything is basically a session where you give your audience on social media an opportunity to pose any question they may have in mind. It may be a business-related question or even a personal question.

Hosting an AMA session gives you a great opportunity to engage your audience and showcase your expertise. Also, you get a chance to give your audience a glimpse of your personal side, which will go a long way in humanizing your brand.

Also, an AMA session provides an opportunity to spread the word about your hairdressing business, without being salesy and pushy – which has been shown to push some prospects away. Such sessions will also help you to understand your audience better and establish closer relationships.

2. Post Client Testimonials

Have you been getting decent reviews and testimonials from your clients? If yes, then you can also use them as part of your social media content. You just need to capture a screenshot of the review or testimonial and insert it in a professionally designed template, that you can easily edit to contain your branded logo, assets, and copy. Good social media template bundles in the hairdressing niche can be found on ContentBASE, for example. From there, you can then post it across your different social media platforms using a captivating caption.

3. Spotlight Your Loyal Clients

One of the ways of showing your clients that you appreciate them for choosing you as their preferred hairdresser is by shining the spotlight on them.

For instance, you could have a client of the week series, where you highlight some of your most loyal clients while rewarding them with prizes.

Such a program or series will show that you appreciate your clients, which will, in turn, help you to grow a loyal following.

4. Post and Share Salon Photos

If you have a gorgeous, comfy, and stylish salon, then you should be posting videos and pictures of it across your social media channels frequently. A really stunning, well-maintained, and cozy salon has the potential of attracting clients in your area, who appreciate pleasing aesthetics.

5. Host Contests and Giveaways

Social media contests and giveaways are almost unmatched when it comes to increasing social media engagement and followers. Probably the reason why they are so effective is that most people can’t resist free stuff.

So, you should make it a habit of hosting a contest or giveaway at least once a month. And, you don’t need a massive following or even a third-party platform to host a contest on social media.

You simply need to select a valuable prize to give away, set the terms and conditions of the contest, a point of contact for the contest as well as a means to enter. From there, you simply need to promote your contest on various platforms.

With the right implementation, a contest can considerably increase your social media following and engagement.

6. Share Tips

You should also consider sharing tips and how-tos on your social media accounts as much as possible. Sharing actionable tips shows your audience that you are on top of your game. And, such type of content can help to retain existing clients and attract new ones.

When it comes to sharing tips, you have several methods to pursue, depending on your preferences. You can opt to create a series of short videos, covering different areas and topics. Alternatively, you can create a visually-appealing graphic, featuring the tips you intend to share with your audience.

Whichever method you choose, sharing tips and other types of educational content on your social media channels will help to position you as an expert in your niche, leading to increased trust in your hairdressing business.

7. Repurpose Your Existing Content

If you are still struggling to come up with content for your social media platforms, then you should consider repurposing what you already have. For instance, if you already have a couple of blog posts, you can repurpose them to Videos, which you can then share on Facebook or Instagram.

Alternatively, if you have a long YouTube video, you can break it down into smaller sections and you will have enough social media content to last you a couple of days or weeks. Repurposing your existing content will help to save you time and effort in content creation and breathe new life into your existing content. And most importantly, you will never run out of things to post on social media.

In Short

There you have it. Some content ideas to help you get started the next time you get stuck on what to post on social media. Experiment with the different content ideas that we’ve shared here and then proceed with those that deliver the best results. And most importantly, make sure your posting is consistent.




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