6 Strategies to Boost your Transcription Efficiency

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In this technology-driven world, transcription of audios and videos is becoming more frequent and more useful. The information is being shared on the internet, is in the form of audio and video. Now, it is necessary to transcript them side by side. It is quite a task to do so, and you must have some transcription hacks up your sleeve if you wish to write most of the content in the least possible time. It will save you time and relieve you of the stress of doing this ordeal of a task. This article is going to highlight six ways in which you can boost your transcription efficiency. Let’s have a look.

  1. Use high-quality headphones

Transcription is mainly dependent on how good of a listener you are. The better you can listen, the better your transcription is going to be. Not to forget that it also saves you a great deal of time. Good quality headphones will give you a better output where you will not have to keep on reminding your audio or video again and again. They will provide you with bright and vivid hearing and distinguish nonaudible from audible as well. Moreover, better quality headphones are more comfortable as well. All of these features will ensure the top-notch quality of your transcription job.

  1. Use Transcription Software

No matter how vigilant and careful you are during your manual transcription, there are bound to be errors in your content. It is why because there is always a chance of human failure. You may work just by yourself if the pieces or clips you are transcribing are short or recorded very clearly. However, when it comes to longer clips and unclear recordings, you will need software or an online transcription site. Many kinds of software are there to help you through this process meticulously. Do not be hesitant in using them.

  1. Use AutoCorrecting Applications

While you are doing your transcription, no matter how mindfully you are listening and typing, you will make typos. Now you cannot keep reading the mistakes and retyping them multiple times. What you need here is an autocorrecting application that will detect your spelling errors or grammatical errors and correct them automatically. It will save you both time and energy. You can use apps like MS word, etc. that have the autocorrecting option available.

  1. Predictive Applications

Besides, using autocorrecting apps, you should also look for ones that have predictive functions along with corrective ones. When you are transcribing a clip, it can be taking. Even a clip of 5 minutes can take pages for you to write. You cannot write every word with full and correct spelling throughout. For this, you need an application that can predict what you are writing and complete the word or even a sentence sometimes for you. This auto-completion will save you time and make things more comfortable with fewer mistakes and errors.

  1. Create Templates

If you are transcribing multiple files or if you transcript very often, it is wise to create templates for the clips that have a similar format or somewhat identical language. It will make your system such that the repeating phrases or sentences will appear in your suggestions and save you the time of writing them whole. You can create and keep them for future use as well. It will come in handy and speed up your work without compromising on quality as there will be no errors in templates.

  1. Learn to Type Faster

Carrying out the job of transcription by yourself can be mundane and dull in no time. You do not want to sit for hours while listening and typing what you hear simultaneously. To get done with your task soon, you must teach yourself faster typing techniques. Most of us only use two or four fingers to type while we have ten. You can learn how to use all of your ten fingers for faster typing. Or make your typing faster with the same technique you are using before. It will also save you time.

To conclude, transcription is a difficult job, but you need to do it. So, you might as well learn ways to make it less annoying and less time consuming by the methods mentioned above.

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