6 Simple Ways to Create Tailored Content For More Leads-Revealed!


Tailored content presents a clear vision of your business and your brand. Reluctance to speak directly to your audience will produce a lackadaisical response. Your business is an entity which means that it has a unique profile. Tailored content shows off this uniqueness. Your posts should be value-added and helpful. Making it impossible not to continue reading.

Customized content has worked for marketers around the globe. Because its content specifically addressing the targeted audience. Thus answering their inquiries for relevant information about how your business products/services fulfill their needs, wants, and desires. This quick guide will outline six simple ways to connect with potential customers using tailored posts, blogs, and social media marketing. If you want to high quality leads, continue reading below to discover how content can nurture leads.

  1. Identify Your Audience

Before you can reach your targeted audience, your business should conduct some form of research. The research can involve multiple channels, such as focus groups, online survey requests, and market research. You will need to understand the needs and browsing habits of those consumers most likely to be interested in purchasing your services and products. This is often referred to a ‘demographics.’

Many firms gather analytics data about consumers and post it online. For example, the Villanova University business division published a comprehensive article detailing the importance of studying retail and e-commerce data. It is one resource that includes relevant marketing analytics and infographics. Online this resource is titled, ‘How Marketers Use Data Analytics to Reach New and Existing Customers.’

  1. Aim For A High Conversion Rate

Not only does tailored content factor into your business’ conversion rate, but it also thrives on high impact interest in your landing page. When we think of opportunity, the landing page is an ‘intro’ to your business, as far as capturing the first impression. The landing page is the gateway to a high conversion rate. Visitors tend to linger around impressive landing pages. This draws them in and they immediately want to create a contact, typically through a social media channel. Make sure you convert the highest amount of visitors by including a great headline and compelling graphics and tailored content. If you’re considering how to effectively generate more leads, adding customized content is the appropriate way to achieve this.

  1. Find Out What Do They Want? And Give Them More of It

After the creative phase and information gathering, identifying your targeted audience, and planning a clear vision of the conversion, you want to dive right in. Right into lead nurturing, find out what the potential customer wants most, and deliver it.

Another terrific resource for learning how this works is the firm, Forrester Research. Forrester is an industry leader for marketing compiled data. This research company offered an article conveying what ‘lead generating strategies’ flow best towards cultivating a ‘lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) platform.’

  1. Adding Content with Other Variables

In order for your business to grow leads from tailored content, you must combine methods. Create a responsive marketing automation platform. Many companies offer automation tools for little or no cost. If you’re working with a marketer, this will come automatically with their services. If not, it allows you to act as your own marketing whiz, answering emails and sending out blasts. Along with your tailored content, this is a surefire way to combine tools such as autoresponder and email marketing.

  1. Tailor-made posts with social media

Social media is a wonderful tool that combines photos, products, and services with tailored posts. Nearly everyone alive is online using some type of social media platform. Besides brand building, it allows you to set the limits for bypassing irrelevant contact and focus on lead nurturing. Nowadays, most people hate sales calls.

Social media is an excellent platform for allowing potential customers to discover what they like most about your business. And aside from being user-friendly and free to use, every business owner can improve their lead generation, without a lot of effort. Tailored content will capture their attention and you can use that to offer something more such as a contest entry, a newsletter or a product sample, or a trial period.

  1. Create Engagement Pathways

Remember, if your parameters for a post are too broad, expect generic writing. This is what to avoid with tailored content. Write specifically for your targeted audience this eliminates gawkers and those only interested in online browsing. Engagement pathways flow towards more meaningful contact. There’s a reason for the structured content.

Your tailored content optimizes lead quality, by reducing the audience. Customized content makes it possible to reach the decision-makers, those most interested in the subject of your posts. This, of course, is a perfect tie in with social media, because followers tend to already have an established interest in your content.




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