6 Signs That You Need to Get a New AC


When your home’s air conditioning unit is working, it’s easy to forget it’s even there. When things start to go wrong and the temperature outside goes up, however, you’ll know how important a working unit is. The best solution is to fix your air conditioner before it is too far gone, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable all summer long. Here are the top warning signs to look out for that let you know your air conditioner may be on its last days.

Your Electricity Bill Has Gone Up

One of the biggest benefits of a modern air conditioning unit is the energy efficiency that new models provide. If you’ve got an old AC unit in your home, it’s likely that you’re spending more on cooling than you have to be. If you’ve noticed your bills climbing along with the temperatures, it may be a sign your old unit is eating up additional power, making up for its declining performance.

It’s Not Getting Your Rooms as Cool

The most obvious indicator that your air conditioning unit is on its last legs is that your home is not as cool or you have uneven temperatures from room to room. As your unit begins to fail, it will no longer be capable of handling its cooling responsibilities. When you notice that your AC is struggling to keep up with your demands, you should consider investing in a new unit.

Air Flow is Significantly Reduced

An air conditioner that blows cold is great, but it doesn’t do you any good if it’s not blowing at full strength. Often, an air conditioning unit will begin to lose power rather than breaking outright overnight. If the strength of airflow coming out of your AC unit is on the decline it could be a sign that your AC is heading toward failure and you need to start considering other options.

There’s an Unpleasant Aroma Around the Unit

As AC units begin to fail, it can often lead to problems like internal leaking. Poor odors may be a sign of trouble for your unit. If you’re noticing a funky smell coming from your air conditioner you should have it looked at and consider replacing it altogether.

It’s Operating Loudly or Making Strange Noises

Your sense of smell isn’t the only sense that can clue you into trouble. When operating correctly, your AC unit should produce a consistent hum or whir. A unit that is excessively loud or is making banging and clanging sounds is a unit that is not operating how it is intended to.

Water is Gathering or Dripping Off

Condensation is an important part of the air conditioning process, but it should be contained. A unit that is gathering moisture or dripping is not working properly. While it may just be a minor issue, it could also be the first step in the failure process.

The worst time to discover your air conditioning unit is struggling is when it falls on a scorching summer day. If you’re experiencing any of these warning signs, it’s time to think about making a change. You’ll be glad you did when the temperature soars, but your home stays cool.




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