6 Popular Roof Designs For Pool Enclosure


An automatic, electrically operated, fullyretractable pool enclosure system is the best thing to add to your beautiful swimming pool to make it more attractive and functional. There are days when you wish you had an indoor pool because of extreme weather conditions and harsh environmental elements.

Flexibility and rigidity are the two vital features that make it extremely popular with a large number of pool owners across the globe. If you want to spend some time in a pool, but the weather is too hot or cold for your comfort, you can use the enclosure to regulate the temperature, make your pool more private, and enjoy swimming in an indoor environment for an extended time.

And it is not a hectic process at all. If you invest in an automatic retractable pool enclosure, all it takes is a push of a button to cover/uncover the whole thing! Now that’s one convenient pool addition feature you cannot ignore. Swimming in an indoor environment gives you a unique and safe experience that you would prefer on days when it’s not so pleasant outside.

When you begin your search, manufacturers and suppliers of world-class pool enclosures will offer you multiple design options to choose from. We will discuss the most common roofing designs for pool enclosures that are preferred by pool owners to meet their requirements.

Flat Roof

As the term suggests, a flat roof is one that has a leveled surface without any slant or slope. It can also be described as a basic or minimal roof design. Even though you might find them unattractive, this type of design remains the only option when:

  • You have a limited budget to work with
  • You prefer simple construction
  • You are looking to cut down heating costs
  • You want better insulation and resistance to winds

However, even though flat roof design is affordable, it requires a lot of maintenance as its leveled surface remains exposed to the elements day in, day out. Regular cleaning is vital to ensure optimal performance, durability, and extended lifespan.

Mansard Roof

Mansard roof design has been in high demand over the last couple of years for a strong reason. This design is made of two slanting roofs that meet a flat surface at the top to give the feel of a large area space.

This roof design is expensive to build and considered more robust when compared to others. It is costly to install because of its complex design that calls for hiring the services of expert installers. They are scarce, which means it is not easy to find them.

Mansard roof design requires a lot of materials to be used, which adds to its overall cost. Since this type of roof design has a “flat” portion at the top, its maintenance is crucial. It tends to accumulate snow or rainfall which has to be cleared on time to prevent any damage to your pool enclosure.

Hip Style

A hip roof design has it’s all sides slanting which converges at the top to form the ridge. This type of roof design is further classified into the following categories :

  • Half-hipped
  • Single hipped
  • Crossed hipped

Hip roof has a lot in common with a gable roof design, but there’s a slight difference between the two. Whereas a hip roof design has all its sides slanted, a gable roof’s shorter sides have a flat surface starting from the rooftop right down to the pool deck.

Gable Roof

Also referred to as an A-shaped roof, gable roofs feature amongst the most common designs used in several homes. Its raise up roof design makes it an ideal choice if you’re looking for high profile automatic, retractable pool enclosures. It is affordable, as well as easier to build. A Gable roof gives your enclosure a traditional look that can complement homes with rustic architectural design.

Dome Roof

Dome roof style is semicircular, with an arched top. This design lends a “unique” look to your pool enclosure and is considered one of the most attractive styles to consider. Dome roof design might be costly to install as compared to others. It is usually classified as a medium to high profile pool enclosure.

Sloped Roof Design

 As the name suggests, a sloped roof design has a single slanting side that converges with the structure or a wall inside a building. It is considered much affordable as compared to other roofing styles, and it is also one of the most preferred pool enclosure designs by homeowners. Another benefit of this roof design is that snow or rainfall slides from its surface, which means it requires less cleaning and maintenance like flat and mansard roof design.

Wrapping it up

At this point, readers must have become familiar with the six most popular and common pool enclosure roof designs that can be considered by you. If you are confused and not able to make a final choice, it is suggested for you to consult a reliable and well-established company manufacturing automatic, retractable pool enclosures. Its expert team of designers and installers have years of experience to help you make the right choice after assessing your pool area.

Covers in Play is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of the world’s only automatic, electrically operated, retractable pool enclosures to enhance the quality of your swimming pool area. We can also custom design pool enclosures specific to your needs.  Call Now:  905-589-3000 or write to us at info@coversinplay.com for more information.




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