6 Must-Have Android & iOS Study Apps for College Students in 2020

There is no escaping the grasp of technology in today’s world. The alternative is to embrace and profit from it. Smartphones, while with many distracting elements, also can help you achieve excellent academic results.

In 2016, ECAR conducted a study on undergraduate students and technology. The results showed that 95% of students owned a laptop or a smartphone. Among these, 30% had a laptop, smartphone, and tablet. This high level of technology ownership has translated into tremendously high usage as well.

Today, digital technology is all about making everything simpler and easier, including academics.

With the rapid progress in the industry, the best educational apps available are constantly evolving. These tools are designed to cater to every whim and demand a student may have.

With the year-end approaching, here is the curated list of the best study apps for students to prepare themselves for 2020. Instead of having a bunch of never-used apps, all you need is the best ones for each specific task.

My Study Life

Keeping track of all the class schedules and assignments is a real-life nightmare for many students. In order to perform well, the first step would be to track all the activities. My Study Life is an excellent choice to assist you with this aspect of college life.

It is a schedule-managing program that allows you to save events, timetables, and tasks. Whether it is assignments, homework, or tests, you can note them all and add reminders never to miss them. You will also be notified of incomplete tasks that need immediate attention.

My Study Life is available across different platforms, including Android and iOS. If you have different devices, the cloud syncing option makes it easier to access the schedule from any.


Flashcards have proven to be an effective way of studying, regardless of whether you are in school or college. Quizlet presents students with the option of digitizing flashcards, the ability to create their quizzes, and master different learning strategies.

With 40 million users across the world, Quizlet has gathered an impressive community of students. With the Android or iOS app, learners can create their own flashcards, take practice tests, and use the cards created by others.

The app also has resources and study materials for a number of diverse subjects.


A college education is not restricted to the listed academic references provided by professors. Yet, reading books and skimming through articles is a time-consuming process.

Blinkist has that sorted out for you by providing the most important insights of any non-fiction book.

These key ideas are refined by experts in text and audio versions. The collection of 3000 books gives you unrestricted access to topics in 27 categories.

The app is particularly useful for students trying to finish books in a limited time. The only setback with Blinkist is that after seven days of the free trial, you will need to pay for the full version.


Another powerful learning technique is to organize your thoughts in the form of visuals. SimpleMind uses the tact of mind maps to keep track of ideas, and flowcharts to keep you follow the process.

With the app, students can create layouts of mind maps, which is perfect for effective brainstorming. It also gives access to unlimited tools to customize these mind maps according to what works best for you.

The option to add images and videos to these mind maps makes it even more appealing for students. Apart from these, users can also add voice notes, website links, and write notes. The app is available in both free and paid versions for additional features.


Speaking a second language now adds significant value to one’s resume.

If the expensive language lessons and premium apps have been stopping you from learning another language, Duolingo steps up to solve that problem.

The interface of Duolingo is designed to help learners read, listen, and speak different languages. Students can quickly pick up the common phrases, learn grammar, and get an understanding of the language effortlessly. You can learn to initiate a conversation and all the essentials of traveling to 80 different languages.


WIth insightful speeches and innovative perspectives, TED Talks is one of the most popular tools used by students and adults to explore their interests. The TED app gives you access to all the wealth of practical information right on your smartphone.

If you are looking for a fruitful yet different approach to broaden knowledge horizons, then TED Talks is a tremendously useful app. You will not only learn something along the way but also find yourself inspired doing it.

While YouTube has many of these videos, having a dedicated TED app makes it easier to find them, navigate, and download your favorite ones to watch offline anytime.

Final Words

With a new app release happening every month, there are going to be plenty more in the market. These apps have stood the test of time and are successfully sailing towards 2020.

Students will find them immensely useful and enjoy the learning process after downloading.

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