6 Excellent Simple Gate Style for Small House

Are you planning to renovate your house? Or are you planning to buy a new house? In either case, you will require an elegant gate right in the entrance. Continue reading the post and you will see some excellent simple gate design for small house philippines. There are iron gates, wooden gates, and steel gates as well in the list. Read on and select the perfect gate from the list as per your taste and needs.

Simplistic Iron gate

One of the most common gates that you will find anywhere is this one. It is the simplest gate that you can have for your house. If you are not planning to invest much in the gate then have this one as it won’t cost you much.

Have a simple design of this iron gate and not much detailing is required. It won’t look that much beautiful as the other gates on the list but it will surely look decent and simple.

You can have this gate at the front of the house, in your garden area, and anywhere else where you require a gate. The gate is made of iron so it will last long-standing strong and durable. Beware of rust as iron gates will get affected quickly so it is good to take the necessary steps before.

Small White Gate

A small white gate looks very nice in your house especially when you have a garden just after the gate. This gate will add beauty to your house for sure. Have wooden strips in the side-walls of the gate and it will look perfect.

This gate is small in size so it will allow only people to pass through and no heavy vehicles can pass through it.

It resembles the fairy-tale gate that you might have seen in the drawings that children make. If you don’t want to have it as the primary gate of your house then you can also have it in your garden area specifically and also if you are having your own farm-house, this gate will perfectly suit there.

Big Bungalow Gate

Bungalows have big gates and it is easy for the four-wheelers to pass through this gate. It is necessary to have the size of the gate as big as the size of your bungalow otherwise it won’t look good. Have an elegant and classic design of the gate as well to make it look beautiful.

Your guests will have a very good impression of your house when they enter through a big gate. You can discuss it internally with your family members and your architect to finalize the shape and style of the gate.

Garden gate

As the name suggests, this gate is most suitable for gardens. It is a small gate as big gates are not required for garden areas. The requirement for a garden gate is to allow only people to pass through it so have it small.

Secondly, as you are having the gate in your garden area, the color should be matching with the plants so have it green. It will look really nice. Have the gate placed between two stone blocks to get a natural feel?

If you are having the garden in the back-side of your house where no one comes then there is no need of having much more detailing in the gate, simply make it have a decent design.

Yes, if it is in the front part of the house and if it is visible to people passing by then you can have a gate with an elegant design. It depends on your choice, how you want the gate to look so get it designed as per your needs and taste.

Private gate

This kind of gate will provide you privacy and no one will be able to peep inside your house when you have such a gate that is blocked from all sides. Celebrities usually have such tall private gates so that people passing by their house can’t see what’s going on inside. You can have the gate designed as per your requirements. Generally, there are two portions of the gate that opens up. One portion is for people who want to go inside or outside and the other portion for vehicles.

Modern Steel gate

Steel gates are one of the strongest gates and people have started considering these gates for their modern houses. The current trend is to have steel gates when you renovate your house or buy a new one. You can have this gate colored to make it look beautiful.

You can think of some fancy design for the gate or let your interior design suggest to you. Some unique design will add charm to your modern house. Your guests will get surprised to see such an amazing gate and will give lots of compliments for sure.

So, here was an overview of the simple gate design for a small house and a big house. Now, take the next step of selecting the right gate for your house from the above list. Follow Architecture Ideas to get more such informative posts!

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