6 DIY Organization Tips for Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are among the busiest rooms in the house. With the heavy use it receives every day, your bathroom will need frequent cleaning and maintenance to stay in order. Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid clutter in your bathroom and reduce cleaning time.

6 Best Organization Tips for Your Bathroom

Here are the top organization ideas that will get your bathroom tidy in no time:

Opt for a mirror cabinet

Bathroom mirror cabinets offer a range of benefits. Mirrors reflect light, which enhances the appearance of your bathroom and creates the illusion of more space. Now, with the added functionality of a storage cabinet, you got the best investment piece for your bathroom. Mirror cabinets are now available in a wide array of sizes, styles, and materials.

Create a hair station

Hairstyling tools like rollers, brushes, blowers, etc. are usually the items that crowd the bathroom counter. Create a hair station with a heat-resistant organizer, so you can store your styling tools safely. This will also help you go through your daily grooming routine with comfort and ease.

Install a lazy Susan

This type of organizing tool is most likely not new to you, but it sure does keep spaces neat and tidy. Lazy Susans can be as useful in the bathroom as it is in the kitchen. Not only does it help save space inside cabinets, but it can also save you time on your hunt for a specific product. You just need to give your lazy Susan a few spins and you’ll find the product you’re looking for right in front of you.

Label your bathroom items

Spending hours to find a specific item in your bathroom closet can be frustrating. Putting labels on your bathroom jars, boxes, or cabinets will let you reach for essential items easier and faster. Knowing where to put your vitamins, skin products, or creams will prevent them from going missing in your drawers. Using labels is one way to personalize your bathroom; you can either use ready-made printable labels or create one from scratch.

Add magnetic strips to cabinet walls

Organize your bobby pins, clippers, and tweezers with a magnetic strip. This tool can help bring order to your bathroom, and it’s very easy to install. Magnetic strips let you use the empty space on your cabinet or closet walls, saving storage space.

Keep bathroom cleaning tools accessible

When arranging your bathroom, don’t forget to leave a space for storing your cleaning supplies. Keeping your disinfectant sprays and wipes on hand at all times is very important, especially in bathrooms. For easy access, arrange your bathroom cleaning supplies under counters or sinks using wire baskets or small bins.

Ensure bathroom safety with regular plumbing maintenance

Maintaining cleanliness and order in your bathroom is one way to ensure the comfort of every user. However, only a professional plumbing service can guarantee that your bathroom stays safe and functional at all times. Regular plumbing maintenance can help increase the performance and lifespan of your plumbing system. Discuss all your plumbing needs at home with a pro today!




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