5 Ways to Avoid Illness


When it hits that certain time of the year when you feel like you and your family are constantly sick, it starts to become frustrating and quite frankly; annoying. It seems as though the illness continues for weeks at a time as it passes gradually through each individual person in your family. The kids seem to pass by it quickly and they can move on. But when we, as adults, become ill, it seems as though it lasts longer. Adults don’t have the luxury of staying in bed to sleep it off or having a mother that caters to our every whim. Illnesses in adults are just plain brutal. Here are 5 ways to avoid illness as an adult: iv vitamin C, stay hydrated, wash your hands often, eat healthily, and stay active. 

IV Vitamin C

When we consume anything, it has to travel through our bodies’ digestive system first before being able to be used by our bodies. Half of the population of people struggles with absorption which in turn makes it so our bodies aren’t fully absorbing the nutrients we are trying to consume. Pills in general are not a fool-proof way to get your vitamins and nutrients as they have low absorption rates. One of the most effective ways to receive the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need is through iv therapy. Check your surrounding areas for iv vitamin c near me

Stay Hydrated

We all know that staying hydrated at all times is important, but is especially important when trying to avoid getting sick. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and in order to stay in good standing we must keep ourselves hydrated. Keeping hydrated enables us to aid digestion by reducing vomiting and diarrhea, keeping our eyes and lips moist, and blocking pollutants that might cause illness. and improve oxygen flow flushing out harmful toxins. 

Wash Your Hands Often

Obviously washing our hands is a huge part of avoiding illness. We go out and about during the day and our hands become filled with germs from all the different types of surfaces that we touch. Then once we return home, the first thing we must do is wash our hands to avoid spreading those outside germs in our homes. 

Eat Healthily

Our bodies tend to respond much better when we are eating healthier. Especially if we have gotten sick, better nutrition will help our bodies in being able to respond quicker and more efficiently to an invasion in our bodies. But all-in-all, eating healthy, to begin with is a good way to avoid illness altogether.  

Stay Active 

It’s hard to stay active when we have such busy lives. But it is actually very crucial for our everyday lives in order to avoid illness among other negative things in this life. Staying active should be one of our main priorities and looked at the same as drinking water on a regular basis. Exercising raises your body temperature and stimulates cellular immunity just to list a few.


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