5 Things You Can Do with Your Very Old Car

Getting rid of an ageing car can be challenging. If your ole’ jalopy has served you well and generated many great memories, then you may have an emotional attachment with the vehicle that’s difficult to sever.

However, if the repairs are nonstop, the rust is spreading rapidly, the vehicle shakes often, and the lack of safety features have made the rides unsafe, then it may be time to move on. Here are a few things you can do with your very old car:

#1 List It in the Classifieds

The most obvious choice is to list your old car in the classifieds and hope that you attract a customer. While doing so in the local papers or on online marketplaces is easy to do, it can be a frustrating process. The time it takes to answer questions and show your item to potential customers may be more than its worth.

#2 Donate It to Charity

Giving your call to a local charity is a noble option. While you won’t get paid, the charity may either repair and use it, strip it for parts, or sell the entire vehicle. You can also use this contribution as a tax write-off. However, finding the right charity isn’t easy. Many fake charities and middlemen that specialize in taking advantage of unwitting sellers.

#3 Recycle It

The best option is to take your car for recycling. Not only will you help reduce the volume of metals that pollute landfills, minimize your carbon footprint, and decrease energy consumption, but you’ll get paid for it too. You can use the money for direct charitable contributions or towards purchasing another vehicle.

If you want to recycle a used car – then make sure that you take it to a facility that’s been in the business for decades, is a government certified, licensed, offers top prices for scrap metal, serves its customers quickly, and believes in scrap metal recycling for sustainability.

#4 Trade It In

Another option is to take your car to a dealership and trade it in for a newer vehicle. This is a good solution if you’re interested in buying a new vehicle and need help with the down payment. However, most dealerships will not accept a vehicle that’s on its last legs. Moreover, they’re in the cutthroat car business to generate a profit and may either lowball you or pressure you into accepting an undesirable offer.

#5 Turn It into an Art Project

One of the most interesting things you can do with a junk vehicle is to turn into an art project. You can do this yourself or by donating it to an art student. They may either paint the car with interesting patterns, turn it into a nursery, or something else. Alternatively, if you’re a petrolhead, then you can consider restoring the vehicle in order to pass it down to your future generations.

These are five things you can do with an old car. While each option has its share of advantages, there’s only one option that’s eco-friendly and puts money in your pocket.

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