5 Things Every Mother Should Know

If you’re a new mom, you might be freaking out about this big change in your life. Or, you might even feel like you’re not qualified to be a parent. Here are five of the top things you should know as a mom.

Your Finances Are Important

Before the baby comes, take a look at your finances and map out your future. If you’d like to buy a home in the future, you may want to look into that before you give birth. Moving with a newborn is practically impossible and you will not have the time or energy to even look for a home after that baby comes.

Look at your credit score, credit report, and income ratio. Consider what loan amount and mortgage payment you could afford. Loans can be scary, which is maybe why you’re asking, “Why apply for a home loan pre-approval in the first place?” Do your research before meeting with a real estate agent and house hunting so you can find the perfect new home before your little one arrives. You’ll also need to budget for the new baby and start saving for his or her future. Your finances should be a huge part of your baby preparation.

A Great Community Will Help You Through This

If this is your first kid, then everything is new to you. There will be a lot of things you don’t know and you’ll have a ton of questions. If you don’t have other mothers in your life, find an amazing online community like Truly Mama. Here you can discuss all things parenting with other moms and find answers to your questions. Support like this will help you feel confident and successful. Being a mom is hard and we don’t always feel like we’re crushing it. Let other women back you up and give a little virtual support.

There Will Be Ups and Downs

Know that there will be ups and downs to being a mom. Some days, you’ll feel amazing. Your son or daughter is well-rested, fed, bathed, and clothes, and so are you. Your baby is laughing and smiling and you feel on top of the world. Other days, it’ll feel like a struggle to get anything done. The house is a mess, your child is crying, and you can’t even take a sip of your coffee from four hours ago. Recognize that nothing is always perfect and the best you can do is confront the challenges as they come up. Cut yourself some slack. You deserve it.

You’ll Have to Throw Plans Out the Window

When you become a parent, you say goodbye to all your well-made plans. Before the baby came, you might have had visions of a perfect schedule, trips to see friends and family members, and visits to the farmers’ market on Saturdays. Now that your little one is here, you can expect to kiss most of those plans goodbye, or at least say goodbye to the ideal versions of your ideas. Your life now runs on baby time, so if you’re used to being early to everything, except that you’ll be late. You might have to cancel on friends if your babysitter backs out or you catch a bug from your daughter. Become comfortable with the idea that nothing is set in stone. Flexibility and compromise will be your best friends now that you’re a mom.

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

It might sound dramatic, but you’re a different person now. Nothing will ever be the same for you. You’re now someone’s biggest fan and hugest supporter, financially and emotionally. Being a mom is incredible and even though it’s never perfect, it should feel just right every so often.

When you’re a mom, you have huge responsibilities. Remind yourself every day that you’re doing your best. Be there for your child and remember to take care of yourself too.

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