5 Reasons Why Picking a Professional Plumber is a Good Idea

Avid DIYers love handling home maintenance projects on their own. It’s understandable, given the numerous advantages associated with DIY tasks. Think of the satisfaction that comes with the successful completion of a task, not to mention the amount of money saved (in some cases). And plumbing emergencies aren’t exempted by thrifty hands-on homeowners.

Granted, minor plumbing issues like tightening faucets or removing clogged hair from showers can easily be rectified without professional help. So, why should one opt for a professional plumber? We reveal five reasons why. And thankfully when it comes to picking a professional plumber Melbourne residents are spoilt for choice.

1.      Safe & Efficient Repairs

Plumbing is a skill that requires thorough knowledge of how plumbing systems operate. This includes anything from knowledge of plumbing codes, accurate diagnosis of root problems to safe installation skills. That’s why plumbers need extensive training, on-the-job experience, and the necessary qualifications to master their craft.

By picking a licensed (and registered) plumber, you’re guaranteed efficient&accurate repairs. Chances of the same issue recurring are minimal if you use someone who’s actually trained for the job.

Plus, because plumbing professionals undergo the necessary plumbing safety training, tasks are completed safely using the correct techniques. We can’t promise the same with the ordinary layman. For instance, you might risk getting an electric shock in your attempt to fix that problematic electric water heater. Rather play it safe and let the professionals handle it.

2.      Provide a Guarantee on Their Work

You might argue that plumbing issues can recur even when handled by professional plumbers. While this certainly is true, the reality is that such occurrences are rare. But if they do happen at least you can rest easy knowing that professional plumbers guarantee their work.

Simply call in the plumber if the issue arises again, provided that it happens within the stated warranty period. And best of all, you don’t have to spend an extra penny. Besides, even if you had ‘’resolved’’ the issue personally and it recurs, you may end up calling a professional the second time around. Why not do it right, the first time around?

3.      Prevent Water Damage

While handling plumbing emergencies yourself might seem cost-effective initially, there’s always the risk of doing more harm than good. In certain cases, you may worsen the situation since you’re not fully aware of what you’re doing.

One classic scenario of a DIY plumbing repair gone wrong is extensive water damage to your home. Because pressurised water lines may become damaged due to incorrect repair techniques, you may end up with floods.

No matter how simple a plumbing repair job might seem, you really never know the extent of the damage. Besides, water supply lines are extremely delicate. Tampering with them can weaken the threading and lead to leakages. Before you know it, you have water all over your kitchen floor. When this happens, you’ll not only need to call in a professional plumber but a flood water extraction expert too.

4.      Prevent Future Plumbing Problems

A professional plumber knows how to conduct repairs while preventing future problems. In fact, a knowledgeable plumber can give you the necessary tips and educate you on how to prevent such problems.

Let’s say you’ve managed to unclog your kitchen drain. But do you know what exactly caused the issue in the first place? If not, then you can expect the clog to pop up again in the near future. But not if you know the ‘’do’s and don’ts’’ of using your kitchen sink.

Alternatively, the clog may be caused by an underlying issue that you’re not aware of. And a professional plumber won’t only unclog your drain but also address the cause. Why? Because a professional plumber has the necessary experience and know-how to effectively handle the plumbing task.

5.      Use the Right Tools

The adage ‘’a man is only as good as his tools’’ rings true in the plumbing world. And the reason why professional plumbers handle their tasks effectively is that they use the right tools for the job.

It’s easy to get plumbing tools at your local hardware shop, but are they professional grade? Plumbing experts use high-quality equipment and, most importantly, the correct tools depending on the task. Believe it or not, manufacturers of plumbing equipment sell specific tools to the public and reserve certain products for licensed professionals.

As a result, professional plumbers have better tools that aren’t only made of a higher quality but are also designed to last longer. Why risk a sub-standard job with flimsy tools when it can be handled effectively by a professional?

Wrapping Up

It’s apparent that engaging the services of professional plumbers is beneficial for homeowners. Especially in the long run. While the initial hiring cost of a professional plumber may seem high, there’s no denying how cost-effective an option it really is.

Why not think about that the next you want to do things your way or give the job to unlicensed plumbing professional? You’ll thank us later.

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