5 Questions That Worry Every Mum While Shopping for Mother Of the Bride Dresses


The mother of the bride dresses 2020 collection has a wide range of mini, midi and maxi dresses by designer brands like Jovani, Alyce Paris, Mon Cheri and many more at great prices. Since the mother of the bride has a significant part to play in the wedding, it’s only very important that she looks absolutely stunning to witness her daughter’s special moment.

To make the shopping experience more enjoyable, keep the following in mind:

1.   Is White Allowed?

Although the mother can get inspired by the bride’s style, it’s probably better if the mother refrains from these colours- white, ivory and champagne. She wants to look elegant and beautiful without trying to upstage the bride. Creating a contrast might be a good idea i.e., choose a darker shade of colour like navy blue, dark red or maroon.

Some of these designer mother of the bride gowns may get your attention:

However, if you wish to stick to lighter shades, go for something like these:

At the end of the day, the bride’s approval matters the most.

2.   How About Matching with the Bridesmaids Dresses?

There’s no hard and fast rule that the mother needs to match her dresses with that of the maid of honour or the bridesmaids but she can if she wishes to. She can also take ideas from the colour scheme of the bridesmaid dresses because they to be in sync with the wedding dresses 2020. Remember that your personal preference and comfort matter the most.

3.   Coordinating With the Mother of the Groom Gowns – Is It Necessary?

In a number of ceremonies, you’ll see the mothers of the groom and bride are coordinating colours or styles. Similarly, you can also discuss hairstyles or how to accessorize yourselves for the big day. The key is to get along with the overall attire of the celebration that would make the bride and groom happy.

Both can go for dresses with intricate beadwork and embellishments for gorgeous attire:

You can also check out these unique three-piece dresses:

4.   Sexy or Not?

Often the bride’s mom shies away from looking sexy or showing off the curves. However, the latest collection has a number of fit and flare mermaid, trumpet and sheath dresses that can do justice to your figure and keep you comfortable all the time.

Go through the trending sexy mother of the bride dresses to choose from:

Browse through the fitted plus size mother of the bride dresses:

Want to display the curves in a subtle and unique way- overskirts are your thing:

5.   Is Same Day Shopping Okay?

It is recommended not to do MOB dress shopping on the same day as that bridal gown shopping. For one it will be a very hectic experience instead of being a pleasant one and secondly, it is important to give the bride enough time to settle on her favourite. The mother can draw inspiration from there and find her own! However, don’t procrastinate for too long so that the trendy items get sold out by the time you go dress shopping.


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