5 of the Coolest Jobs in the World

Cartoons tend to portray jobs as boring and monotonous. You dress in your gray suit, sit in your cubicle, and stare at a computer from nine to five every day. It’s no surprise you grow up thinking your job is just a boring activity you do to make money so you can enjoy all the other parts of your life. But the job market is changing and evolving, and you don’t have to settle for a boring day job anymore.

Your passion can be turned into an exciting, awesome career. Traveling, cooking, surfing, scuba diving, performing, translating— all of these can be turned into fulfilling, adventurous careers. There are so many careers for all types of people, from tech nerds to kids at heart. You deserve to love what you do so much that it never feels like work. Follow along as we explore just five of the coolest careers in the world.


At first, nursing may seem like a basic profession and not that cool at all. But if you’re passionate about helping people, a nursing career feeds that passion and can take you so many places you may not have considered. Sites like CollegeCliffs show the numerous paths to becoming a nurse and how to find the right specialty for you. Plus, with extra schooling to get your Masters or Doctorate in nursing, you can improve and expand the capabilities of nurses altogether. If you’re looking for excitement, travel nurses get to explore the world while helping patients from all over. Flight nursing allows you to fly in airplanes and helicopters to help provide care in emergency situations. Becoming a nurse can open up so many unbelievable doors.


Were you into video games as a kid? Did you know you can make a career out of that now? Professional gamers make money live-streaming or competing in tournaments. And, the payout can be major. While it takes time and energy to become a full-time gamer, if you’re dedicated to practicing your craft, you can make a lot of money off of your passion. Be sure you have the proper tools, like a gaming server with extra raw power and faster speeds. A dedicated server will increase your chances of making a living with your gaming career.

Candy Developer

We all eat candy, but have you ever given thought to who is developing the delicious treats you enjoy? Candy makers are responsible for creating and manufacturing the sweets sold throughout the world. In certain countries, you can work with master chocolatiers and bakers to learn all about the art of making desserts.

Sweet treats can serve a purpose beyond just satisfying your sugar cravings. Sometimes candy and treats can even make you healthier. Remember when you were a kid and the only way you would eat your vitamins was when they were disguised as candy? Well, you could have a job doing this as well! For example, gummy bear manufacturers work diligently to create supplement gummies with flavor and portion control. In this job, you could creatively develop gummy candies to help adults and kids alike get their daily vitamin intake.

Makeup Artist

Perhaps your talents lie in creative fields. Think of those movies, TV shows, and theatre productions that need gory or elaborate makeup designs. That could be you! Makeup artists get to create fantasy and sci-fi looks that are literally out of this world while also working with personal clients and creating meaningful relationships.

Travel Writer

If your idea of a cool job involves plenty of adventure and traveling the world, look no further than travel writing. You can get paid to blog about your adventures in new countries and excursions to tropical places. Get paid to travel, reflect, and write about your experiences. Not to mention the exposure and blogging community you’ll acquire along the way. Is there anything better?

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