5 Mysterious Facts About Srirangam Temple You Must know


You may perhaps want to visit Srirangam Temple, located in the Southern part of India in Tamil Nadu. It is among the most captivating and distinguished temples built & revered by the Hindus, the world over. It is also well-known for its rich history and tagged as the largest functioning temple for Hindus in the world as well as India’s largest temple. This temple is also called by different names like Periyakoil, Bhoologa Vaikundam, and Bhogamandabam. 

This temple features the tallest tower or gopuram in South India. This magnificent temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Lord Ranganatha whose statue present here is in reclining pose. The temple has been constructed and designed in Dravidian style. There are 108 deities in total showcasing Lord Vishnu in different beautiful avatars or forms. The temple is also among the sacred sites visited by Hindu devotees from all over the world in thousands throughout the year to pray before the almighty for their well-being. For devotees’ convenience, timings of the temple have been divided between Darshan and Puja timings. 

This temple is indeed a real architectural masterpiece of a bygone era and provides intriguing details pertaining to those days. When vision and grandness are concerned, this temple is an extraordinary piece and surely among the very best that needs to be part of your religious trip in South India. Prakaram based town planning is considered to be an outstanding feature that best represents this temple.

5 facts about ranganathaswamy temple

  • The temple is located on a small island surrounded by River Cauvery, thus making it vulnerable to floods and natural disasters including invaders like European and Mughal armies during that period. Hence, the site became commandeered repeatedly for military encampment. 
  • The total area occupied by this temple is approximately 631,000 sq.m. (156 acres) and has a perimeter range of 10,710 ft. (4,116 m), thus making it the country’s largest temple and among the world’s largest functioning religious complexes. 
  • The main entrance of this temple is called Rajagopuram or Royal Temple Tower. From its base area of 5720 sq ft, it rises up to 72m (237 ft.) in progressive 11 small tiers. 
  • 1000 Pillar Hall is considered to be a classic example of a well-planned theatre-type structure. ‘Sesha Mandap’ is just opposite to it and is known for its intricate sculpture and a real visual treat. Granite is used for the construction of this hall during the Vijayanagar period (from 1336 to 1565) on the old temple’s site. 
  • There are 50 shrines, 39 pavilions, 21 towers (gopurams), a few small water bodies within, and Ayiram Kaal Mandapam (1000 pillar hall) in the temple. Space within the outer courtyard (two prakarams) has several shops, flower stalls, and restaurants catering to the needs of the devotees & tourists.

Whether you are a devotee, an architect, an artist, or a simple tourist, you will certainly enjoy your visit to the temple.  You will be blessed by the great almighty and make your dreams come true.




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