5 Must-Known Things When Travelling To China!

China will always amaze you; it’s a place of culture, contracts, and lots of people. You can call it a city of leafy parks, abundant restaurants, rich history, and tea rituals.  The country is also shaping the global innovator in both technically and financially.

While many people travel to China on tour with no challenges and itineraries, transportation, meals, and everything arranged, some travel independently.

Here are some essential things you need to know when going to China:

Travel Scams Are Popular In China:

China is also popular for travel scams, but the more you are aware of them, the safer you will be. One of the most popular scams is practice English or tea tasting one. It goes like this: a sweet-looking Chinese girl will come to you, and after a few chats, she’ll suggest you going to the tea tasting session.

And, once done, you will be provided with a hundred dollar bill with no whereabouts of the girl. So, to stay safe, always be a little attentive to the people who contact you. Also, never let such scammers take you to their decided place.

Getting A VPN Is A Must:

China’s Great Firewall hinders access to Google, Facebook, and YouTube. So, if you want to access anything you need a VPN for China, a Virtual Private Network. A VPN help in disguising the IP address, making it look like you are connecting your device from another country.

Also, a VPN provides access to faster internet by connecting to the server from local locations. You will also get access to sites like WordPress.com, Blogger, and more for professional purposes.

Don’t Forget To Carry Cash:

With apps like Airplay and other wallets becoming popular, most of the china residents don’t use cash. But, cash is still accepted everywhere. Moreover, if you have an ATM card, you can withdraw cash by using foreign bank cards.

Moreover, if you are going to work, make sure you go to a well-researched company as China has many dodgy firms that con travelers and expats.

Food Is Good And Bad:

Chinese people can eat anything, making it interesting for non-vegetarian people eat tasty delicacies anytime. So, if you are going to China, stay prepared to have anything. It sometimes can be very tempting; however, other times, it can be so awful.

No Prediction Of Weather:

The weather in China is quite unpredictable; it can reach up to 100 degrees in summer to 40 degrees in winter. So, make sure you visit when the temperature is bearable.

You Can’t Stay More, If You Don’t Know The Language:

In most of the areas in China, English is not popular. You have to learn Chinese or can learn a few handy phrases. Doing this will not only make your stay easy, but will also help you read signs, menus, and more.

 Also, ask your staff to give you a note of your accommodation written in Chinese to avoid miss communication.

Pinyin Is An Important Phonetic:

Don’t forget to speak pinyin, which is phonetic writing. It uses different English letters to make learning easy.

Furthermore, Chinese sounds are made of three factors airflow, mouth shape, and tongue placement. Therefore, it is important to convey the exact meaning of your speech.

The High-Speed Rail Is Perfect For Traveling In The City:

China has the fastest rail system, and traveling in such trains is not that hard. There are soft sleepers and hard sleeper compartments. While in soft sleepers, you get a private compartment, hard sleepers have three-tier bunk beds with not much privacy.

Traveling in China can be fun and intimidating, so stay prepared for everything and keep the above tips in mind!

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