5 Car Accessories You Will Need To Check Before Summer Storms


The last thing you need to deal with when the summer storms set in is ineffective or malfunctioning wiper blades. Summer weather can become severe, and severe weather is dangerous for drivers.

Summer storms require added precaution and impeccable equipment. You need every component and tool in your vehicle at your disposal to avoid an increased risk of an accident. When considering car accessories for summer weather, experts have several recommendations.

1. Headlights for Visibility

Summer storms tend to create dark and threatening skies. Your vehicle’s headlights are essential for navigating when visibility is scarce. Unfortunately, headlights are also prone to age and damage.

It is not uncommon for older vehicles to have dull or dingy headlamps. You can find products to clean the body of the headlights and its plastic shield. The cleaners might help restore some brightness and clarity, but you might also need to replace the lights, depending on the age of the vehicle and the last time you replaced them.

2. Inspect Your Windshield

Besides headlights, windshield wipers also improve visibility in heavy rains. The wipers hug the windshield curve, allowing the vehicle owner to swish away excess water efficiently.

Unfortunately, not all owners replace their wipers as they should. According to experts, you should replace your wipers at least once every 12 months; however, you may need to do so more frequently in colder climates. If you live in an area where the summer and winter have violent extremes, it might be best to replace your wipers once every six months.

3. Tire Gauge and Portable Air Compressor

Tire pressure affects the traction of your vehicle in the rain. If roadways are wet but not puddled, a lower pressure can help your car grip the road better. However, most experts recommend maintaining manufacturer tire pressure guidelines.

The general rule is that low pressure is suitable for wet roads, and higher or normal pressure is best for puddles and severe conditions. However, it is best to consult your vehicle’s manufacturer before making any adjustments.

You can purchase a tire gauge and portable air compressor from most local auto parts stores. Possessing the appropriate tools makes regulating tire pressure convenient and easy.

4. Air Filter

While it might not seem like a top priority for storm preparation, a vehicle’s air filter plays a vital role in engine performance and dependability. The air filter ensures the correct airflow to the engine and keeps internal components clean and free of external particulates.

Keeping up with routine maintenance, like air filter replacements, ensures your vehicle operates as expected. The filter can even help prevent stalling and damage caused by debris as small as a grain of salt.

5. Window Rain Treatment

A window or windshield rain treatment is one of the best but most often overlooked products to buy before the summer storms come rolling in. Rain treatments help ensure rain runs off the windshield instead of sticking to it, which can help keep your view clear.

Are you ready for the summer weather? Contact a local auto parts store for more information on vehicle accessories and storm preparation.




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