5 Best Free and Open Source Inventory Management Software Systems


Business is entirely based on its inventory. It may cause a lot in any business to rise or fall. Inventory tells the organization’s flow that helps to take important decisions to enhance business. It tells either your stock is reliable or the desired products are available. All organizations must-have inventory management systems to control inventory. It may include products available, supplies, raw material, the finished things that should be ordered now, the things that are in operation, which goods are most in-demand and should be ordered first an all. It is important to have an accurate and reliable inventory control system for example if anything is out of stock and you didn’t deal with it and your inventory control does not indicate it will at the end may cause loss to the business.

An inventory management tool is most important to any organization. Although managing inventory is a continuous process because sudden challenges may happen in any business organization.

These challenges may be:

  • Order of any particular product may increase at any time
  • Forecasting about any product inaccurately
  • Poor communication between departments

So, the automating system is good to manage inventory in a better way. The free and open-source system can be selected for effective inventory management.

Best free and open-source inventory control systems are as follows:


This is a perfect system to control the inventory of any organization. This software makes it easy to manage and control inventory. Inflow has many features like:

  • It can manage products
  • Order taking process become easy
  • Reordering stock is easy

The disadvantage of Inflow is that it is expensive.


This is also a strong business control software. This software is free. The process of order receiving becomes easy also this software has features for inventory reporting. This is compatible with windows and Mac. It has a simple interface and easy to use. The disadvantage of Inventoria is that it has no mobile app.


Stockpile is also free software that saves your time to control and manage inventory. This system is not suitable for large business organizations and only works for small businesses. Like other inventory control systems, it controls the products available, finished products, raw materials, and products in operation. The other strong feature of StockPile is that it can also manage physical locations. There is no limitation on the users, how many products you can upload, and customers.

Its user interface is simple and easy to use. This system is not suitable for large business organizations.


Partkeeper is also another free and open-source inventory control system. it is a self-hosted system. It has powerful features to control the stock tracking user etc. its user interface is simple and easy. It is good for small businesses and home users.


It is better for small businesses. This inventory is a cloud-based system. This is free and completely web-based. It also has excellent features to control inventory. The disadvantage of Skyware is that its features are very limited.


This is the most trusted software around the world. It is used to manage inventory, customers, employees, etc. it is easy to manage inventory and to make customers happy. A free version of Nexter is also available. It also allows life chatting with customers. The drawback of the system is that it was only compatible with windows.     



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