5 Benefits of Foam Fire Suppression Systems


Fire protection services have different equipment that is used to put out fires. When installing fire protection equipment your provider will consider your location and facilities prior to installing in order to provide the best possible protection. 

One of the best-known examples of large extinguishing equipment is a foam fire-suppression system. This is a wet sprinkler that uses water and foam to put out a fire. It is efficient, fast, and can cover a huge surface area.

Although there are several benefits of this system, we’ll highlight the significant benefits

Benefit 1:- A foam fire-suppression System Can Cover Large Areas

The primary benefit of these systems is their capacity to cover a wide range of areas quickly. 

Foam fire-suppression systems are a mixture of foam and water that get mixed before being released; both the foam and water are stored in different tanks. However, the water is first released before the foam. So, the water spreads across the foam in the affected areas in seconds. 

It explains why the system is used in huge areas like processing units, aircraft hangars, and warehouses storing flammable liquids. Hence, we highly recommend installing this system if you work in a huge area.

Benefit 2: Foam Fire-suppression Systems Have a Very Little Environmental Impact 

The composition of this system is mainly water and a foaming agent. Like every foaming agent, the foam in foam fire-suppression systems is biodegradable in the natural environment. Because they are biodegradable, they have a minor environmental impact, causing no pollution to the environment. 

So, if you store consumable goods in a warehouse, you should install this type of system. Contact a fire protection service for professional installation.

Benefit 3: Foam fire-suppression Systems are Easy to Maintain

Every fire protection equipment needs constant maintenance and repair to better prepare for fire outbreaks. If there are no maintenance routines for your equipment, you’ll not efficiently manage a fire outbreak. 

Hence, you need to maintain this fire-suppression system constantly. Failure to maintain your system may lead to clogged nozzles or contained foams. So, you need to invite professional services to maintain your system constantly. 

Benefit 4: Foam fire-suppression Systems Are Cost-effective

These types of systems are cost-effective because they can easily cover huge areas within a short time. This is an advantage in large fires, as you can prevent significant damages from occurring.

Also, these types of fire systems are cost-effective because you don’t need many fire extinguishers to put out the same amount of fire. All you need are water, a foaming agent, and un-clogged nozzles.

Benefit 5: Foam fire-suppression Systems are Easy to Clean Up

Agents used in common fire extinguishers leave residues on the applied areas. Often, the residue left can affect the operations of electronic devices around that area. Therefore, a need to clean up the area after a fire outbreak. 

However, cleaning up an area after a fire outbreak can be challenging, depending on the type of extinguisher. Most fire extinguishers leave powder residues that are difficult to clean and time-consuming. Meanwhile, these systems are easy to clean up as they don’t leave sticky or difficult to clean residue.

To Wrap It Up

The operations of a foam fire-suppression system are highly effective. The system releases a mixture of water and foam which contains a foaming agent. Upon release, the foam protects the source of fire, preventing the air from contacting the fire source. 

It’s no secret that foam fire suppression systems work efficiently in the event of a fire, however, they are only efficient if they are properly maintained. Fire protection services carry out professional installation and maintenance of these systems and can ensure safety and peace of mind.




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