4 Ways To Get More Likes On Your SoundCloud Tracks


SoundCloud is world’s one of the largest music platforms with more than 75 million active monthly users and over 200 million songs. Uploading and sharing new music is easier for artists. Independent artists or musicians will get a much better way to get noticed among the huge audience.

Moreover, it allows musicians to upload their exclusive stuff for their followers to be accessed just by a private link. The biggest feature of SoundCloud is unlimited global release distribution to 60+ streaming platforms and social networks like Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

SoundCloud is the number one music streaming platform for artists producing hip-hop or other electronic music. It is because by making a remarkable presence on this platform, they can improve social credibility and recognition on many social media networks.

How to increase likes on SoundCloud tracks?

To make your profile unique, you need two most important things – master your music talent for improved visibility and get more likes on your SoundCloud track from genuine users. Unfortunately, gaining an increasing number of likes and plays quickly, especially in the starting days is not that easy for new musicians, podcasters, or other artists. Thus, you need to appear and act smarter.

Don’t know how to put in the effort to gain improved visibility and more likes? Here are some four great strategies you can implement to increase likes on your SoundCloud track.

  1. Improve your profile

A picture says a lot more than words and this statement is true in terms of the SoundCloud platform. A picture on this platform is worth 1000 plays. Whenever any person visits your SoundCloud account, their first impression will stick to your profile picture.

Your profile is a reflection of who you are, what type of content you can generate, and why your audience must follow you. Thus, focus on designing an attractive profile header that is easier to discover. Emphasize your profile picture and profile name in the artwork.

Note that the avatar appears on streams of followers like a smaller version, simplicity converts perfectly into numerous sizes. Thus, it makes it attractive and simple. Focus on the profile picture resolution. You will be easily and quickly discovered with the recognizable and memorable network.

Another way to nail your profile is by using free graphic design platforms online where you can discover more than thousands of templates to choose from. Next, be sure your bio must be short, concise, and descriptive. It must tell the audience who you are as a creator and what makes you stand for.

Add all crucial call-to-actions (CTAs)to let followers take the action you want. If you are using a Next Pro SoundCloud version, bring your 5 favorite playlists or tracks to the top of your account using the Spotlight feature.

  1. Create a website and include a SoundCloud link on it

Another way to boost SoundCloud likes is creating your unique website and embedding your SoundCloud on it. This will show you as a credible musician. Increased credibility will make more people like your content on SoundCloud. In addition, it will act as a central hub where you can include opt-in forms, all your content, contest widgets, and landing pages.

The website can also be used as a SoundCloud marketing tactic. Upload your music-related blogs regularly to drive traffic and then include your SoundCloud content on your site to make those visitors like your work. Website creation will also help you sell your music online. With an expanded followers list, you can invite them to purchase your albums.

  1. Collaborate with other trustworthy SoundCloud artists

To get more likes, cross-promotion is the best strategy. Find reliable artists on SoundCloud who create similar or complementary content to you or have a similar target audience and then collaborate with them. This will help you both from boosted exposure. In this way, you can reach their audience and they can reach your followers.

To get a significant push, try to collaborate with a popular artist. However, if you have started your music career, you can reach small creators. Comment on their tracks and share them to develop a relationship. Once you have developed a good bond, send them an email or a message with your appropriate collaboration pitch.

  1. Buy likes on SoundCloud

Many artists used to buy SoundCloud likes to bring a large amount of likes on their profile and content instantly. Purchasing real links not only increases likes but also brings the attention of more audiences, thereby expanding your follower base. Your audience will be more likely to share your content on other social media networks. Thus, your presence will not be limited just to SoundCloud but to other streaming platforms and social media channels. This will ultimately make you go viral everywhere.

Is it safe to purchase likes on SoundCloud?

Buying SoundCloud likes can be good and unsafe practice based on where you are getting the services. If you’re purchasing fake likes, you are likely to be banned. However, buying real likes from authentic users who are currently active on SoundCloud can help you improve your credibility, popularity, and followers without the risk of getting banned. Reputed companies or websites provide likes without breaching SoundCloud’s terms of use.

The skilled professionals at the Buy Quality Likes website bring likes from accounts of real people without any bot’s presence. The affordable packages allow you to pay reasonably for the number of likes you want. The entire purchasing process is confidential. No information is shared/disclosed with any third-party app. Thus, you can rest assured about safety, privacy, and confidentiality while buying likes on SoundCloud.


If you are ready to accelerate your music career and become trending in the music industry, then implement the above-mentioned tips. Put all your possible effort into creating quality music that your audience wants to listen to and follow all these ways to bring increasing attention to people and more likes. Most importantly, don’t lose hope and keep patience.




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