3 Life Changing Reasons to Customize Your Closet


Which parts of your home get more attention? We’ll dare to say your living room, kitchen, or anywhere guests may roam around. But what about our bedrooms? We spend a lot of time in them, and though not everyone gets to see them, we spruce them up to match our needs and personalities.

You can do a lot to make your room more like you, and your closet is an essential yet overlooked part of it. You know, it doesn’t just have to be the dull, dark place where you keep your clothes and accessories. Having a closet that’s as customized as the rest of your home has a lot of perks. Who knows? You might just want to flaunt it, too.


Organization comes before and after any change. Once you’ve made the decision to customize your closet, you’ll have a broader notion of which items to keep, and which ones to get rid of. Our closets are often full of unworn clothes, and this is the perfect opportunity to donate anything you no longer wear. This could change the lives of people in need.

No matter how big your closet is or will turn out to be, you’ll have limited space. It’s nearly impossible to store a year’s worth of clothes in your closet unless you want to spend hours fumbling for that one piece. For your advantage, keep only winter clothes handy during cold weather — the same goes for hot and in-between weathers. Sure, you might have to take a day off to organize your clothes when seasons change, but that’s way better than hurried mornings and a mess in your closet.


If you’re not much of a do-it-yourselfer, you could make your closet just the way you want it by hiring services such as Truax Design Centre. A professional hand will make your perfect closet dream come true, and even help other areas in your home that need an upgrade. But depending on your skill level, you can customize it on your own.

Even if you want to work with what you already have, it’s all about your daily convenience. If you usually pick out your clothes the night before, a valet pole will save you time in the morning. Plus, there won’t be any last-minute fishing for jewelry when you have your necklaces lined neatly on a rack. Add an island if you want to organize your shoes, and consider drawers for socks and sunglasses, for instance. The more you can store with the least amount of effort, the better.

A touch of personality

Ah, the personal touch is the fun part. Now’s the time you let your imagination run wild — with a good sense of design, of course. Again, if you don’t really trust your home DIY skills, hand it over to the pros. They’ll know how to turn your closet into your morning wonderland.

You can brighten it up with light fixtures, spotlights, or any lighting that makes finding what you want even easier. You could either use patterned wallpapers or paint the walls a solid color that contrasts with the rest of your room, because plain white or neutral might not be for everyone. You can even have the walls and doors painted in different colors if you’d like. Just make sure you can easily see everything in there, and don’t go overboard with patterns and colors.

Finally, make sure extra decor items (picture frames, miniatures, etc.) are organized and don’t take up too much space. Decorated clothing hangers? Why not a cute rug? As long as you keep the clutter away, your closet could be the most beautiful spot in the room.




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