15 creative ways to use your BBQ cover


We all know that using a BBQ cover is a great way to protect your grill from the elements, but did you know there are many other useful ways to use one? 

Here are 15 creative ideas to help get the most out of your BBQ cover.

1. Create an outdoor movie screen – 

If you have a large enough cover and access to a projector, set up an outdoor movie night in your backyard or on your patio. Cover the area with grass, blankets, and pillows for extra comfort.

2. Use it as a tent – 

If you’re going camping or heading to the beach, take along your BBQ cover to provide some shade from the sun or shelter from the rain. It makes for a quick and easy setup with no poles or stakes needed.

3. Protect outdoor furniture –

 If you’re looking for extra protection for your patio furniture, use the cover to keep it safe from UV damage, dirt, and moisture. It also helps reduce fading from sunlight over time.

4. Cover a sandbox – 

Keep sand clean and dry by using your BBQ cover to provide shade in the summer months and shelter in the winter months.

5. Make a pet bed – 

Use an old BBQ cover to create a comfortable spot for your furry friend on hot summer days or cold winter nights. 

6. Turn it into a hammock stand – 

With some rope and two trees; you can easily turn your BBQ cover into a hammock stand. 

7. Use it over a pool – 

Cover your pool to prevent leaves, dirt, and other debris from getting in when it’s not being used. 

8. Make a sandpit – 

Line the area with plastic sheeting before covering the frame with your BBQ cover for extra protection against water seepage. 

9. Protect firewood – 

Keep logs dry by making a shelter out of your BBQ cover and some poles or stakes to hold it up. 

10. Create an outdoor playhouse – 

Set up an area for children to play safely in the backyard using your BBQ cover as a roof, providing shade during hot days and shelter from rain showers. 

11. Turn it into a lounge – 

Cover an area with blankets and cushions and use your BBQ cover as a canopy to provide warmth on cooler nights. 

12. Protect a swimming pool – 

Make sure your pool is secure from leaves, dirt, and other debris when not in use by using your BBQ cover to provide extra protection.

13. Provide shade for plants and vegetables – 

Keep sensitive plants cool during hot summer days by covering them with the BBQ cover for added shade. 

14. Create an outdoor kitchen – 

Take advantage of warm weather months by dining outdoors! Use your BBQ cover to create shelter for any outdoor cooking you may do like grilling or pizza-making over an open fire pit. 

15. Make a clothesline –

Take advantage of the sunny days by hanging your laundry to dry outside. Use the BBQ cover to create a shelter that will keep clothes dry even in rainy weather. 

These are just some of the creative and innovative ways you can use your BBQ cover! From creating a pet bed to an outdoor playhouse, there are endless possibilities when it comes to making the most out of this simple yet versatile item. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start using your BBQ covers today!


Q: How durable is a BBQ cover? 

A: BBQ covers are made from weatherproof materials such as polyester or PVC that can withstand the elements. Most covers come with additional UV protection which helps increase their longevity. 

Q: Can I use my BBQ cover for other purposes besides protecting against rain and snow? 

A: Yes! There are many creative ways to use your BBQ covers such as creating an outdoor movie screen, a pet bed, shade for plants and vegetables, or even an outdoor kitchen. Get creative and find new uses for your BBQ cover today! 


With BBQ covers, you can protect your outdoor furniture and appliances from the elements while also taking advantage of their many other potential uses. From creating an outdoor kitchen to a pet bed or even a makeshift tent, these versatile covers are sure to provide endless possibilities when it comes to making the most out of your backyard space. So why not get creative and start using your BBQ cover today? 




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