10 reasons how travelling can help cope with depression

Most people suffer from depression at some point in their lives. Depression can be chronic, or it may manifest itself when faced with a challenging situation. In the busy and demanding life of the modern world, depression and anxiety are inevitable. A research conducted by the world health organization (WHO) suggests that more than 300 million people all over the world suffer from depression. To find out if you may be depressed, take this assessment from Mind Diagnostics.

Depression is not something that goes away with time. Depression needs to be dealt with proper and great care. Many people take antidepressants, and some choose therapy. However, there are many other ways to cope with depression — one of them is travelling. Travelling can be very helpful in dealing with depression, and it can help turn your life around. Mentioned below are a few reasons that explain how travelling an excellent coping strategy against depression is, and you must keep them in your mind.

1. Travelling provides a fresh environment:

Enjoying a different and new atmosphere can help you a lot with your depression. Sometimes spending too much time at your office or home can make depression even worse. Exposure to a new and fresh environment can do wonders for your mental health. So, go out in the open and let nature do its job.

2. Opportunity to interact with new people:

People who suffer from depression tend to isolate themselves. This can be catastrophic for their mental health. Travelling can provide a chance to meet and interact with new people from different backgrounds and different stories. Interacting with them can help be very good for your mental health.

This may be a daunting prospect for someone suffering from depression, but meeting and mingling with strangers can help take your mind off your worries. Therefore, life could be a lot easier.

3. Induces positivity:

If you are depressed, then your mind can sometimes be your enemy. Depression patients have a proclivity to indulge in negative thoughts, and consequently, bad things start happening in their lives. Negative thoughts act as a gateway for depression and anxiety. Therefore, filling your head with such thoughts can make your life miserable. Travelling provides a breath of fresh air, which can be very helpful in minimizing negative and cynical thoughts. However, seeing different people conquering different obstacles in life can help bring some positivity in life and help you overcome the feeling of negativity.

4. Allows you to rediscover yourself:

Sometimes people can feel trapped inside their skin. You often set high standards for yourself, and when you fail to meet your self-set standards, and then you go hard on yourself. It must be kept in your mind that you cannot achieve anything by doing this to yourself since it will only make you feel inadequate and incompetent. Instead of setting high standards for yourself, think of possibilities. Perhaps it’s time to rediscover yourself as an individual.

Travelling is a great way to reevaluate your beliefs and rediscover yourself. It can give you a chance to contemplate and comprehend your inadequacies as an ordinary human being. Realizing your limitations can bring about a dramatic change in your life, rather than beating yourself up for every little mistake. Moreover, you can learn to live with your limitations or even overcome them. Travelling can also be a cathartic process which can help beat your depression.

5. Makes you more creative:

Going out in the world and discovering new places is a perfect way of training your mind. Although creativity is a natural trait since everyone has some creativity hidden inside waiting to be discovered. Therefore, going to new places and indulging in the local culture boosts your cognitive flexibility which consequently improves your creativity and productivity.  You can also consider doing something special where you are going. For instance, if you’re planning on leaving for a non-English spoken country, then you can teach English there. Teaching can reduce depression; that’s why you should consider getting a TEFL certificate. If you’re wondering “Is TEFL (certification) worth it?” then you should know that it is required for teaching English in a foreign country

6.Helps you toughen up:

Going to exciting places exposes you to new possibilities. Visiting sites that are intimidating and invigorating at the same time can make you more resilient. It helps you face your fears, and you can realize that things that you once signed off as impossible aren’t so difficult and impossible anymore. It enables you to toughen up and face your fears.

7. It gives you self-confidence:

People suffering from depression for an extended period are low on confidence because they don’t feel their self-worth, which can make them doubt themselves and their abilities. Going to new places or learning new and exciting things can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. You can start feeling better about yourself, and slowly all of your self-doubt and uncertainty vanish with time.

8. It gives you a break:

Modern-day life is tough and demanding, and we hardly get any time for ourselves. Therefore, taking some time off and travelling to a new destination is essential. Work induced stress and anxiety are the leading causes of depression, so it is essential to take a break once in a while and go on a vacation.

9. Helps you get out of your shell:

Depressed people tend to become more introverted since it stops them from growing as a human being and depression makes their life more difficult. Travelling is a great way to get out of your shell and interact with the world outside. Moreover, it can potentially open you up to learn new things, and you can meet new people, which can help you to grow as a human being.

10. It is a form of catharsis:

Our daily routines are highly demanding and taxing. We have to give our hundred per cent at everything we do, be it our jobs, relationships or kids, we have to be at the top of our game. It can be very stressful. With all this stress and anxiety, our bodies are bound to break down. Travelling can help us deal with depression and stress. Moreover, going to a new and exciting place can help release all the stress, anxiety, and emotions. It can be a cathartic process which can help you get right back on top of your game, and ready to face the challenges of life once again.

Travelling can be a great way of learning new things, interacting with new people, indulging in exciting activities and growing as a human being. It can give you a chance to get rid of all the negativity and focus on the beauty of life.

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