10 Facts you didn’t know about couches

You’ve just come back from a hectic day of work, and that couch in your lounge looks like a piece of heaven. So you throw yourself on it and take a deep sigh of relief. Well, we could not agree more that there is nothing more comfortable than your couch. But, what if we tell you that you have been taking your couch for granted all this long.

Hmm, the couch you love so much has many hidden secrets. That is why we have compiled for you a list of 5 facts you didn’t know about couches. Let’s dive deeper into the topic as we proceed:

1- Sturdy beyond your imagination

To start with, the couches are very sturdy. Average couches are capable of withstanding 587 jumps! When talking about Kingliving Couches, you might as well increase it to more than 600 jumps because of the high-quality. The next time your child is jumping on the couch, and you’re about to stop him, don’t. (Though just in case, you have a child who can jump 600 jumps, you might reconsider this!).

2- A host better than anyone we know

What’s the biggest number of people you’ve ever hosted a party to? Hundred? Three hundred? Well, your couch can do a lot better than that! It can cater to more than seven hundred visitors over its lifespan. According to observed facts, couches can tolerate about 800 visitors while an average one can bear 782 sit-downs throughout its life.

3- Doubles up as Piggy Bank

Owners tend to find money, inclusive of coins and bills, inside their couches about three times a month. So the next time you are short of money, you might want to search your couch! Or hey, if you want to save money but can’t find a nice place to be able to fight the temptations, you have got your couch. Woohoo!

4- A storage area too?

Yes, you might find this hard-to-believe. Your couch not only doubles up as a piggy bank but is also capable of becoming a storage area, too. On average, a child may lose four toys, three socks, and other random garments at the back of the couch every month.  Well, if you’re thinking about utilizing your couch as a proper storage area too, then, it’s good to know that King living couches have taken the lead in couch storage efficiency. Delta III is one of the many models of King living couches equipped with a clever storage solution!

5- Night Night, Sleep tight!

It’s about time that we admit it. Sleeping unintentionally on the couch is way more comfortable than sleeping on the bed. You might not want to admit it out loud but, we all know, the couch is also used as beds at times. As per research, couches are used 489 times for sleeping purposes. If you are fond of sleeping on the couch too, then a range of stylish couches is what you need!

6- It is as old as you

Well, to begin with, the word couch is derived from the word suffah.  Speaking of this, the word “suffah” happens to be an Arabic word, which denotatively means a bench. Yes, you read that right! In addition to this, the word itself goes back to 2000 BC Egypt.  We bet this might have got you all mind-boggled but that is how it is!

Now, can you imagine how old it has been since this first came out to make your life easier, comfier, and cozier? By the way, isn’t its history so fascinating?

7- They can be your ultimate rescue destination

And why do we say this? Well, we all have small disputes within the home which sometimes means you want to retreat elsewhere other than your bedroom for the night. This is where your coach, can be your best friend as you can use them as a bed.  So, worry not as your couch has got your back! As much as they are contemporary, you can still make use of them in an old school manner.

8- It has variations

It is entirely a misconception that the couch does not come in a variety.  In fact, it has the biggest range one could ever enjoy. To be exact, the couch happens to come in at least 17 known variations, each meant for your comfort. So yes, we are sorry to burst your bubble but that is how it is! If you have not come across enough of these variations, then you need to look deeper in order to discover. Moreover, considering the new trends in terms of designs, color palettes in addition to textures, who knows the number might even have crossed 17.

9- It is a crazy mazy

Do we understand that you must be wondering how can a couch be a maze?  Well, well, every house once in a while loses random stuff such as toys or socks. Look no further than on and around the couch because it is a proven fact that your stuff may be residing on your couch. So yes, you better keep a strict eye, folks!

10- It is a dinner table

We all binge-watch our favorite Netflix series, that too on our couch sets. And why not?  It is comfort and coziness above everything else. Naturally, you would want to munch on something or eat dinner whilst watching and a couch isn’t only meant to be a bed. You can even enjoy it at dinner. So, what are you waiting for?  Hop on and make the most of it!


Isn’t it fascinating what your couch is capable of? Next time you underestimate this piece of furniture, you better think again because it is truly a masterpiece!

Having said that, we hope you find the best range of couches if you are in search of the best couch that is made only for you. They are comfortable, sleek, and just too exquisitely extraordinary. And this is it! That sums the entire range up.

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