10 Employee Wellbeing Initiatives for A Happy Workplace

The marketplace for modern-day job seekers has become an evolving think tank designed to encourage, bolster and sustain talent. Most seekers opt for better work-life balance experiences. Current job hunters have determined that career decisions be made by closely examining whether a potential work environment is a good fit. The goal is to find conditions promoting a holistic approach supportive of employee health and well-being. Those looking for work catering to positive lifestyle practices are savvy, being bred on a constant evolution of technological change. This awareness underscores how companies consenting to incentivize their workforce, are likely ensuring engagement, productivity, and retention.

One initiative that companies have begun to offer is Yoga. These classes provide simple meditation, breath control and physical endurance activities. Yoga reportedly improves energy, vitality, and respiration levels. Thus, businesses benefit from employee stress reduction which positively affects performance and reliability. 

Onsite Salons or Barber Shops are a newer perk. Onsite hairstylists and barbers provide customized services before or after work, even during lunch hours, a tailored approach to employee appreciation. Beauty industry professionals are capable of styling and cutting hair in multicultural, diverse settings, within minimal timeframes.  

Facial massages and manicures can be done as well, often using the same mobile salon, helping to consolidate vendors. This is a highly valued perk and that directly impacts an employee’s attitude, personal brand, and work-life balance.

Fitness programs can be arranged and scheduled on-site throughout the day. Break times filled with cardio exercises and other physical activity consists of health benefits ranging from endurance to tolerance of others. 

Companies can also enact Wellness Challenges encouraging individuals or teams to track their routine progress with an emphasis on hydration, furthering health and wellness consciousness. 

Moreover, games, competitions, and team-building events can be constructed with input from employees, like Wellness Adventures. These events can entail hiking trail excursions, wall-climbs, or boat rides. Such ventures reward personal attainment or team challenge goals while enjoying interaction amongst colleagues. 

Health-Conscious Meal is an initiative promoting good nutrition and better eating habits. Whether out of the cafeteria, catered, or from snack machines, items dispensed to employees should supply the fuel needed to meet daily demands. 

Public Transit incentives include ride and car sharing, whereby reimbursements to employees are made for passes purchased, carpooling, or cycling to work. The emphasis in all three cases is environmental protection and awareness. Most environmentally conscious employees understand the importance of clean air and how it impacts wellness. 

Staff appreciation is emphasized by Smoker Cessation Programs providing aid to anyone attempting to quit smoking. This program challenges smokers to submit to health benefits achieved once smoking stops. 

Lastly, Confidentiality Programs meet wellness criteria by creating a safe haven for employees to seek professional and financial assistance for depression, substance abuse, and debt-related distress. Holistic treatment of staff matters and has given rise to employee wellbeing initiatives for a happy workplace. 

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