Your Australia Bucket List!


There’s simply something magical about Australia, an island continent that features some of the world’s most unique wildlife and fantastic natural and human-made wonders, it offers a cornucopia of amazing experiences and adventures! We have collected our “bucket list” of the things we think everyone should see and do in the antipodean land of Oz!

See Sydney From the Air – Sydney is an incredible place to visit, a garden city full of architectural wonders next to the beautiful blue sea. It’s wonderful to walk its streets and take in the sights and sounds, but to fully grasp how truly amazing the city is as a whole we recommend seeing Sydney from the air, a helicopter experience that you will never forget! The fantastic Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo, and Bondi Beach spread out below you like a magical dreamscape is truly a sight to savour, and a joy ride to remember!

Snorkelling The Great Barrier Reef – The Great Barrier Reef lies like a coral crown along the north-east coast of Australia. 400 different varieties of coral, 1,500 different species of fish, and 4,000 different species of molluscs may be found there, making it the greatest collection of coral reefs in the world. The reef is an aquatic wonderland of fancifully shaped coral gardens inhabited by darting schools of fantastically colourful reef fish. Put on your snorkelling gear and go get to know the reef up close and personal, it’s impossible to describe its abundant life and scintillating beauty adequately in words, or even pictures, you just have to experience it for yourself! 

View Sacred UluruKnown for a time as Ayer’s Rock, this striking sandstone monolith rises from the heart of the great Australian Outback to a height of 350 metres. The rock has regained its original name, Uluru, and is considered to be a deeply sacred place by the area’s Anangu people. Uluru is one of Australia’s most famous landmarks, known for its lonely presence in the vast expanse surrounding it, and for changing colours at different times of the day and year, the most striking of which is the burning red glow it takes on at dawn and sunset, making it seem as if it is made of solid fire. Stand before it and experience the awe of this incredible natural wonder!

Watching The Whales – Every year between the months of April and November, Australia’s eastern coastline becomes the site of the great humpback whale migration from their Southern Ocean breeding grounds to the warmer waters of the north to breed. The whales are natural showmen, they cavort about, spraying from their blowholes and performing breathtaking acrobatic leaps into the air, making you wonder how something that large can leap so far out of the water’s surface! The best way to see this natural spectacle is by boat, there are plenty of great whale-watching tours you can join. They can’t always guarantee you will see the whales, but the chances are high, and the worst-case scenario is you enjoy a scenic cruise.

We have really just scratched the surface of all that Australia has to offer, but if you ever come Down Under you will know where to start!




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