Why it is Important to Spring Clean Your Home Every Year


We all know what a spring clean is and some people are reluctant to spend their time and energy to give their home a deep clean, citing that it isn’t important. However, we think the annual spring clean is very important as it removes harmful pathogens that build up over time.

Professional cleaning services

Most people do not like to roll their sleeves up and get stuck into cleaning the house, which is why there are professional cleaner in Sydney who have the equipment and know-how to carry out the deep clean. Most properties can be cleaned in a day using a team of professional cleaners and when you make contact with a cleaning outfit, they would send someone to take a look at your home. Only then can they provide you with a quote and once the deal has been agreed, a date is scheduled. You will be asked to remove all valuables and give the team full access to all parts of the property.

Harmful pathogens

Carpets, curtains, and upholstery all can harbor dirt, grime, and pathogens that can be harmful to your health. Dust gathers over time and this can contain germs that could cause sickness and disease, which could impact children and pets, as well as adults. Of course, the dirtiest places in the home are the kitchen and bathroom and the professional cleaner uses top-quality cleaning solutions to combat kitchen grease and grime. Click here for a guide to end of tenancy cleaning.

Spring is the best time for a house deep clean

Obviously, the winter is not the best time to clean a house, as it is cold and maybe wet too. The spring season is most homeowner’s favorite time to have the home deep cleaned, as the weather is not cold and with the cleaning done, summer is a great time to let the air in. Carpet cleaning is an important part of the spring clean and a professional cleaning contractor has the best carpet cleaning machinery that leaves carpets smelling fresh.

DIY spring clean

If you are up for a challenge, arm yourself with all the cleaning equipment, set a free weekend and you can do the job yourself. It can be rather stressful, which is why most homeowners prefer to call in a cleaning contractor who can make short work of the task.

Moving furniture

Smaller items can be moved out of the room prior to the cleaning, while large items can be covered with old bedsheets as a form of protection. If it is a dry day, you can move small furniture items onto the driveway while the cleaning is in progress, and don’t forget to protect the floors with groundsheets.

Working one room at a time

This is the best way to spring clean a house; start upstairs and work one room at a time, when the upstairs is complete, clean the staircase all the way down to the ground floor. Leave the windows open for at least one hour to allow for good ventilation, then remove the protective sheeting on the floor and you can deep clean the carpets and polish hard floors.

We hope that this short article helps you to gain a better understanding of the reasons to spring clean your home. Your health & well-being is obviously important and cleaning the home regularly helps to keep you healthy.




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