Why Do Motorcyclists in Georgia Face Discrimination from Insurance Agencies?


Motorcycling is all about the thrill of the ride! It’s a deep and direct connection between you, the machine, and the long roads. This joy is why motorcycling has evolved as such a cherished hobby for many!

Unfortunately, not everyone sees motorcycling as a fun activity that it is. Many biking enthusiasts in Georgia find themselves dealing with biased perceptions and unfair treatment from other people on the road. This bias reaches new levels of unjust claims when perpetuated by insurance agencies. Expert Atlanta motorcycle attorney has identified many such common reasons for the stigma, specifically…

Perception of Motorcyclists as Prone to Risk-Taking

One of the primary reasons motorcyclists face discrimination from insurance agencies is the widespread perception that they are prone to risk-taking behavior. This stereotype is often fuelled by a minority of riders who engage in reckless activities, such as speeding or performing stunts. Unfortunately, this behavior is generalized to the entire motorcycling community, leading insurance companies to classify all motorcyclists as high-risk clients. 

Lack of Understanding About Motorcycle Culture

Insurance agencies often lack a nuanced understanding of motorcycle culture, contributing to the stigma against motorcyclists. Motorcycling is not just a mode of transportation but a lifestyle and community built on camaraderie, freedom, and a passion for riding. This cultural aspect is frequently overlooked, and insurers may not appreciate the precautions and safety measures that responsible motorcyclists take. 

General High Rate of Accidents Involving Motorcycles

Motorcycles are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents compared to cars, which can influence insurance agencies’ policies towards motorcyclists. The lack of physical protection on a motorcycle means that accidents often result in more severe injuries, leading to higher medical costs and insurance claims. In reality, many accidents involving motorcycles are caused by other drivers’ negligence, not the motorcyclists themselves.

Perception of the Motorcycle Itself as a High-Risk Vehicle

The motorcycle itself is often perceived as a high-risk vehicle by insurance companies. Its smaller size and lower visibility increase the chances of being overlooked by other drivers, contributing to accident rates. Additionally, the performance capabilities of some motorcycles, such as high speeds and quick acceleration, are viewed as factors that increase the risk of accidents. 

Ultimately, insurance agencies have a strong profit motive. They’re not really going to pay up for the good of their heart. Motorcycle victims must seek assistance from a strong attorney, one who not only empathizes with the pain of the accident but can effectively negotiate a high settlement. This is the best way to restore balance and get justice!




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