When Do People in Africa Give Monetary Gifts?


Giving someone a monetary gift is a fairly common practice all over the world. Generally, this is done on special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other events. However, one can provide someone else with a monetary gift any time they wish, as long as the sender has the money to do so.

Like in other parts of the world, monetary gifts are relatively common on the continent of Africa. Some differences do exist between giving monetary gifts in Europe and North America and giving monetary gifts in Africa, though. Let’s take a look at some instances in which it is common for people in Africa to give others monetary gifts. 

African People Give Monetary Gifts on Birthdays

Gifting with money on someone’s birthday is common, no matter if one lives in Africa or elsewhere around the world. If one lives on the continent of Africa, they will often receive monetary gifts on their birthday. This is a standard way of showing one’s affection for the person whose birthday is being celebrated. As a result, this is quite similar to giving someone a monetary gift on their birthday in the Western world. It is also thought that gift-giving wards off unkind spirits and brings good luck in Africa. 

African People Give Monetary Gifts on Nowruz

Nowruz is a holiday in Africa and other areas that celebrates the spring equinox and it is typically celebrated on March 20th or March 21st each year. There are plenty of preparations that take place, from cleaning to preparing a special table and lighting bonfires on the streets. However, monetary gifts are often a part of the Nowruz celebrations, as well. Quite a few families provide children with a monetary gift known as “eidi” as a celebration of the new year. This is a type of monetary gift that does not happen in countries that do not celebrate Nowruz. 

African People Provide Monetary Gifts for Weddings

In the Western world, giving people monetary gifts at weddings is a common occurrence. It is no different on the continent of Africa. African people provide others with monetary gifts as part of wedding celebrations all the time. Of course, Africans might give others gifts other than money at weddings. However, money is frequently given as a gift to the two people getting married at a wedding. This is one way in which gifting with money is the same in the Western world and in Africa. 

Monetary Gifts Are Commonly Given on Thanksgiving Day

People in the Western world and in Africa both celebrate Thanksgiving. That much is true. Despite this fact, one part of Thanksgiving that is common in Africa but not in the Western world is gift-giving.

People in Africa often give each other gifts at Thanksgiving church services. Naturally, these gifts can include monetary gifts. Gift-giving is likely a part of Thanksgiving in Africa simply because gift-giving is more prevalent in African culture. In any case, if one celebrates Thanksgiving in Africa, they should be ready to exchange presents if they go to local Thanksgiving church services. 

Africans Provide Each Other with Monetary Gifts at Graduations

Education is a high priority for many families in Africa. As a result of this, graduations are often celebrated joyfully. As with other types of celebrations in Africa, gift-giving is usually one part of celebrating graduation. One can give the person who graduated a monetary gift and, in some cases, that kind of gift is preferable. One would probably give an adult graduate a bit more money than a younger graduate, though. After all, an adult who graduated from college has a greater need for money than a child who is still financially supported by his or her parents.




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