What To Get? Houston Virtual Office Space Or Virtual Business Address?


Running a start-up business or freelance service from home in Houston can be tough. You might work really hard to build a brand and a great product, but it’s hard to progress when you work from a residential address. That is where virtual business addresses can make a big difference. These locations give you a new address to use for brand registration, promotion, and important correspondence. Some companies will provide virtual business address packages but also some virtual office space packages. So, what is the difference between the two, and which would you benefit from the most?

What Is A Virtual Business Address?

Virtual business addresses are a brilliant resource for companies looking to build a reputation and expand. Small-scale enterprises with solo entrepreneurs and freelancers can work from home but use a separate address for their business mail.

Mail handlers at the new location can take delivery of mail items on your behalf – such as important bills, client queries, and government correspondence. They will then sort through it, as per your instructions, for an efficient service. You can choose to have the mail redirected, shredded, or kept safe for collection at a later date. Every piece of mail comes through as a notification on an app or portal, putting you in complete control. You can even see scans of items as PDFs if you want.

This system works as an effective alternative to a PO box address in a convenient location. The trained staff will make sure that everything is handled with respect and care and will handle all requests on time. The benefit of this system over a PO box location is that you can also use it to register a company.

These addresses are more than just a convenient service for workers who don’t want everything delivered to their Houston home. They also help new companies gain a bit more legitimacy by giving a company an official business address rather than a residential one. This looks great on business cards and could translate to more opportunities with clients, investors, and brand collaborations.

How Are Virtual Office Spaces Different?

When you set up a package for a virtual office, you may be entitled to many more features. Options will vary depending on the company you choose. However, if you are looking for a top Houston virtual office, you may be able to get more than just a mailing service.

In addition to having your mail sorted remotely and a legitimate business address for your company, you can enjoy phone packages. The phone service gives you a new number for your business – either local or toll-free – with the chance to receive inbound calls and voicemails. The costs are significantly higher for toll-free numbers once all the minutes add up. But, you may find it’s worth paying extra for that extra level of customer care. Having a toll-free number adds to that sense of legitimacy and makes clients more inclined to call.

With the voicemail service, there may be a set number of free minutes per month and the chance to set up a personalized message. In some cases, companies may also offer a fax service. This may seem a little outdated these days because few start-ups bother with faxes anymore. However, it might be worth having as a bonus feature for investors and clients who still appreciate this form of communication.

The range of services and costs involved will vary depending on the type of plan and the address of the office. It helps to read through the full list of tired options to see how much you get for your money and exactly what you are entitled to. For example, does the plan allow for live call answering, or is it just a messaging service? Are you working from a standard address or something with a bit more prestige? How many mail items are you entitled to per month? Find the option that suits your current situation and consider upgrading as and when you need to.

Finding The Best Virtual Office Space In Houston

Now you have a better idea of the difference between a virtual business address and virtual business space, let’s look at some of those Houston locations. Houston has a strong economy, with companies emerging across many sectors. With the right office location, you can make your presence felt.

Some of the top Houston virtual office locations are right in the heart of the city. They are perfect locations for companies looking to build a reputation within the commercial sector and get noticed. These addresses will stand out to investors compared to residential addresses. A residential address in the suburbs shows you are still a small WFH start-up finding its feet. There are also plenty of addresses in more gentle and affluent areas a little further out of the city, such as around Cyprus Creek and West Oaks. These addresses may mean you pay more for those high-end packages, but they also help create a great first impression.

Then, there are more unusual locations specific to certain industries. The Energy Corridor, for example, is a vital area for companies within the energy industry. Houston is also home to one of the most important aerospace and aviation centers in the whole country. Companies with any relation to the industry, even those not located in Houston, can use an address close to NASA for their business mail and office voicemail.

There are many more choices than you would expect in Houston. So, it pays to take the time to go through every location in a virtual office provider’s list. If you are unfamiliar with Houston, check the areas out on a map, see what industries and demographics they are known for, and find the best fit.

Virtual Business Address Or Virtual Office Space?

The choice between these two options ultimately comes down to what you need most right now. It might be that you only need an address for business registration and mail collection. If that’s enough, you can go for some of those cheaper plans and find an address in the most suitable Houston location.

However, there may come a time when it makes sense to upgrade to a virtual office space and get those phone packages too. Keep this in mind as your business grows. It could offer the extra resources you need to reach a whole new level of success.




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