Visit Vietnam’s Spectacular Lan Ha Bay


Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation that is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Lush, emerald-green forests full of rare and unique flora and fauna lie next to sparkling, azure seas dotted with islands, it is truly a natural paradise!

One of Vietnam’s most popular destinations is on the coast where you can join delightful luxury cruises in Lan Ha Bay, one of the nation’s best-loved bodies of water. Lan Ha Bay is home to over 300 ancient limestone karst islands. Their many small, isolated beaches are largely undisturbed, the limestone cliffs that tower above them affording visitors plenty of privacy. Scores of rare butterflies and tropical birds dart about the fragrant blossoms that grow along the sand’s edge up into the forests climbing the steep hills. Snorkellers and divers can view the island’s gorgeous schools of vibrantly coloured fish that dart to and fro in the crystal clear waters. If you are lucky you may witness the incredible bio-luminescent plankton that sometimes makes the nighttime waters glow. The locals say that the plankton looks like stars floating under the sea.

The bay is surrounded by many attractions, here are some of the amazing places you can experience on your visit:

Monkey IslandCat Dua which translates to Monkey Island, is home to tribes of wild rhesus monkeys that were originally imported from India in 1938 by an English naturalist who wanted to study their behaviour. The monkeys made themselves at right at home, and have been a charming and comical attraction ever since! The island also affords visitors a fantastic view of Lan Ha Bay that can be reached by making a short trek from the beach, which also offers excellent snorkelling and swimming.

Luon Cave Lan Ha Bay is home to a number of caves, and one of the most famous is Luon Cave on Bo Hon Island. You can explore this fascinating subterranean world by small boat or kayak on your own, but it’s best to go with a guide who knows it well to get the most out of the experience. Lun Cave’s interior is quite cool, offering a very refreshing break from the hot sun, and the atmosphere is quiet and serene, with its only denizens being wild monkeys.

Cat Ba Island This is the largest island in the entire Cat Ba Archipelago, and a main feature of Lan Ha Bay playing the part of the region’s tourist hub, with tour boats constantly docking and departing full of happy travellers. Visitors to the island enjoy exploring Cat Ba’s lush interior with its verdant jungle and mysterious caves, and the pure white sand beaches are the perfect place to relax and take in the fantastic sunsets.

Cannon Fort This venerable structure guards Cat Ba Island and offers stunning views of Lan Ha Bay from its lofty perch on a 177-meter-high hilltop. The fort was constructed by the Japanese in 1942  during World War II and was later commandeered by the French during colonial days as a strategic position to defend against possible invasions from the sea. 

We hope that when you visit Vietnam that you make amazing Lan Ha Bay one of your destinations!




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