Tips For Maintaining Your Two Car Metal Garage


Unlike traditional wooden garages, any steel building is easier to install and maintain. There is no doubt on that part. However, regular upkeep ensures that the metal structures last long and retain their appearance. With a little maintenance, you get the most out of your money spent on this 2 car garage, which can be long-lasting. We have summarized some tips below for your convenience.

Pro Tips For Maintaining A Two Car Metal Garage

Structural Maintenance

We will start with the roof. Any debris will fall down, which will be removed while cleaning further.

1. Start With Roof


Metal roof panels generally have a smooth surface with low friction. This means almost all dust, rainwater, snowfall, and other kinds of stuff will glide off quickly. Even then, with time, dust particles or twigs might accumulate. If not removed, they will retain moisture and slowly start to erode the metal paint. So, timely cleaning of them is necessary.

Ridge Cap

A ridge cap is necessary in case you have selected a vertical roof. This is the top part of the roof. You can check if anything is stuck between the cap and panel ridges. If you find any debris, remove them with a garden hose.

Gutter & Downspout

The job of the gutter and downspout is to carry all the water and melting snow to a depositing tank area. However, with time, gutters may accumulate dead leaves and other debris that has stuck in them. Cleaning them, make sure that all water will be redirected quickly. The less time water is in contact with your metal 2 car garage, the better it is.

Structural Trim

If you have installed trim around the edges of your roof panels, you can check to see if any dirt is stuck in them. If yes, you can remove them.

2. Sidewalls & Wainscot

You can check for the following in your 2 car metal garage to increase the longevity of the building.

  • Check to see if the panels’ paint has scratched or faded. If yes, fix it with primer and metal paint.
  • Next, you can check if there are any holes in the sidewall or wainscot. If yes, you can use sealant to fix it.
  • If you notice any minor rusting, use sandpaper to scrap it off, apply a coat of primer, and finally, use one or two coats of metal paint to cover it.
  • If you notice any holes, gaps, or areas from where air can seep, you can fix it with any silicone-based sealant. You can find them in your local store or online.

3. Braces

Roof braces and side braces are connectors used in the frame. But, with time, they can get loose, screws may wear out or get rusted. You can inspect the whole building to see if any nuts are loose, screw is missing, or has developed rust. When you notice one, replace them with a new one.

4. Cleaning & Check Floor

2 car metal garages are large steel structures that are generally built on a concrete base for maximum stability. Though the concrete base is tough, it may develop cracks with time. If you notice any minor cracks on the edges, fix them promptly with a waterproof sealant.

The foundation is also connected to the base rail and anchors. You can monitor them for rusting or loosening screws. Keep the floor free of any spillovers. They might leave a stain on your floor.

5. Doors & Windows

Regularly oil the hinges of doors and windows so that they are easy to open and close. If you see any misalignment in the window pane or door, you can fix that, too. Remember to check if your door frames are sturdy.

6. Insulation

Usually, insulation lasts for decades, but it is best to examine it once a year to see if they are working fine. Along with insulation, remember to check for the functioning of the vapor barrier.

General Maintenance

1. Clean Up After Snow Or Rain

If you live in an area with frequent snowfall, rain, and thunderstorms, removing any water logging aftermath is advisable. Not only can your metal two car garage develop moisture content, but you may also be at risk of disease caused by insects that thrive in stagnant water, such as mosquitoes.

Remove any snow buildup away in front of your garage door and the driveway so you can easily take your car in and out.

NOTE: You can use pressure washing once a year for general cleaning. To scrap off any stain, use a soft bristle brush.

2. Check For Pests

Any pests building their home around your metal two car garage could easily enter and destroy your stored valuables. If you keep any perishable goods in your garage, it is best to avoid attracting pests.

3. Keep Your 2 Car Garage Clutter Free

A clutter-free garage doesn’t affect longevity, but it will help you keep things organized. This becomes especially true if you want to store propane tanks or gas in your garage. They are flammable, so they must be kept with precaution.

4. Landscaping

Trim any grass near your metal 2 car garage with the help of a lawnmower. Tall grasses are home to many bugs. If you have any pit that fills with water after rain, it is best to fit it as they might attract mosquitoes with dengue or malaria. In addition, a maintained landscape will increase the overall appeal of your property.

Now That We Have Reached The End

You must know that none of these maintenance tips requires a huge sum of money to be spent. This is one of the benefits of owning a metal 2 car garage. You can just perform a regular inspection of the structure and around it. If you notice any issue, fix it promptly, and you are done. It is that easy. You don’t have to carry out structural maintenance per week. 

The general maintenance tips listed above can be done on a quarterly basis, whereas structural maintenance can be done on an annual basis. You can schedule any time twice a year just to be sure that your metal garage building has sound structural strength.




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