The Process and Precautions of CCNA Certification (Detailed)


The following is a detailed introduction of CCNA certification exam process and precautions. If you read them carefully, you can get something useful.

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CCNA certification is the primary level certification in Cisco certification system. Many people prepare for CCNA certification exam by learning the CCNA exam question dump. Of course, you should also learn textbooks and videos in the early stage. The current V31 version question dump on the Internet includes about 400 questions, of which about 385 are multiple choice questions, about 10 are dragging-map questions, and about 5 are experimental questions. The CCNA certification exam includes ACL, EIGRP and VTP three questions.

  1. About CCNA certification exam

The full score of the CCNA certification exam is 1000 points, and the pass score is 825 points. The exam lasts for 120 minutes. A total of 50 questions were extracted from the CCNA exam question dump, including 45 multiple-choice questions, two experimental questions, and three required experiments-ACL, EIGRP, and VTP. The scores of experiments account for a large proportion. So even if you do well in the multiple-choice questions and the dragging-map questions and get the full marks of these two parts, if you only finish two of the three experiments rightly, and you may still fail the exam. Therefore, the experimental questions are very important. At least 2.5 of the 3 experiments must be done right.

  1. CCNA certification exam process

If you want to get CCNA certificate, you need to make an appointment for the exam in advance, and go to the exam site in advance on the day. Don’t be late.

  1. Fill in the questionnaire

The examination system is divided into VUE and Prometric. In different systems, the contents of the questionnaire are slightly different at the beginning. But don’t be worried, you can choose B for every question. Because option B usually indicates that the examinee’s level is average, the selected exam questions will not be too difficult. After finishing a question, click NEXT until end.

One of the questions asks whether you are over 18 years old. You must choose YES.

The last question asks whether you agree with Cisco’s agreement. You must choose YES. If you choose “disagree”, you cannot take the exam.

  1. The formal exam

Papers of the same subject in the same exam center on the same day will not differ too much. During the exam, marking and backtracking are not allowed. Once you click NEXT, you cannot go back to the previous question for modification. There is plenty of time for you to finish the exam. People who take the exam for the first time may be nervous. But in fact, as long as you are fully prepared, you will finish all the questions within the required time.

The scores of experimental questions account for a large proportion. Here are some precautions.

  1. CCNA certification exam experiments support “?” and “Tab”. When you forget commands or write incomplete commands, you can ask these two helpers for help.
  2. The last step of the experimental command must be copy running-config startup-config.
  3. It’s important to be careful


There may also be a crash in the exam. Don’t be nervous. Tell the examiner about the problem in time and they will solve it. When you restart and continue to answer the question, the previous answers still exist, but the answer to the question you were working on at that time may not be saved. You must carefully check it before clicking NEXT to continue.

When all the questions are finished, select END EXAM and leave the exam paper interface.

The above is the process and precautions of CCNA certification exam.

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