The main feature of modern TikTok: videos with unusual transitions


If we’re talking about entertaining rather than educational content, transitions are the main feature of modern TikTok. This is the moment when one frame is replaced by another, and it happens under an unusual effect or musical accompaniment. How to work with transitions and in which TikTok editing app they can be made – let’s consider further.

Why do you need to learn this trick?

Videos with interesting frame transitions often end up in recommendations. People like to watch them because they contain an element of surprise: you never know what will happen after the transition. In addition, the moment of the frame change itself can look impressive and be grandiose, or conversely, be so well hidden in the main track that the viewer will wonder, “How did he do that?”.

The answer to that question may be easier than you think, as there is an app called VJump. It is a program that allows you to make perfect TikTok transitions in many different variations:

  • using hand movements;
  • using a mirror;
  • using a variety of objects;
  • in a dance, etc.

Using such a trick with the TikTok video editor, you will make the content on your page more modern and get a lot of attention from the audience.

How to make such an effect on your video?

In fact, it is not difficult at all. It is enough to follow these instructions:

  1. Make the first video.
  2. Make a second video. It can be different from the first one in terms of background, outfit makeup, etc.
  3. Upload the video to an editing app.
  4. Trim the first and second video so that the first ends and the second begins at the same moment. It should look like the second video continues the first video.
  5. Add some kind of response to the gluing site (if you have the desire to do so).

This process can be simplified even more if you edit TikTok video in a special application. For example, in VJump half of the work will be done for you: you won’t have to choose the right moment to make a natural glue.

Which option to choose for your profile?

There are a lot of them, both in TikTok itself and in applications. Worthy of your attention, in our opinion, are a few that are very popular on the social network right now:

  • change of shots under an opening umbrella, from which colored confetti falls out;
  • transition disguised as a hand movement, when the author of the video holds his hand in front of the camera and the frames change at the same time;
  • gluing during leg or arm movements, e.g. in a dance;
  • transitioning with an object, for example, while putting on a hat or using other accessories.

Go to the best TikTok editing app to appreciate the possibilities it can present you with. Conveniently, you can choose from hundreds of ready-made options to replicate them and fill your page with cool content that you can never say it was not made by a professional.




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