The Benefits of Staying Hydrated


Summer has just come around, and the heat is overwhelming with the rising heat index. From a scientific standpoint, this would mean more dry spells and people being more prone to dehydration– which is very dangerous for the average person and is the topic that we will be talking about today. So let us get right into it, shall we?

What is Dehydration And Staying Hydrated

Basically, dehydration happens when your happen loses more water than you are taking in which is dangerous for your health because water is a very important thing for your body to keep on functioning.

An active lifestyle, added to the rising heat index, of will up the rate at which you are using fluids in your body so you have to replace all that you have lost. If you do end up not being able to replace them, you will be at risk for dehydration which causes you to be dizzy, more fatigued, more thirsty, have a dry throat and so much more!

To replace all the fluid you lost, we recommend you to simply drink water. It is the easiest and most accessible way to not become dehydrated and risk having health issues, plus its fun collecting those limited edition promotional water bottles.

Effects of Staying Hydrated

1. Performance Enhancement –

A lot of studies show that even dehydration can cause your physical capabilities to be significantly reduced, which might lead to lower endurance and make you tire out more easily. That is why it is very important to have enough water in your system, especially if you are labor intensive so you can make sure that your body is functioning well.

2. Brain Help –

The brain, which is mostly made of water, is very sensitive to changes in your hydration levels. If you don’t have enough water in your system, this can affect cognitive function which leads to problems concentrating, memory lapses, and decreased attention. Individuals who stay properly hydrated can increase their mental sharpness, attention, and general cognitive function.


In conclusion, the advantages of being hydrated aren’t just for quenching your thirst when you really need to. It is very essential for general health because it will help you regulate your temperature and improve brain activity.

With the rising heat index, we really cannot stress enough the importance of drinking your fill of water every day. It is very important to stay healthy after all, and just by drinking enough water can you achieve this!




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