Learning Thai Language: Make Friends, Tell Jokes, Save Money


You may have heard of the rare foreigner abusing the education visa programs in the past. I could never understand why you would want to waste the opportunity to learn the language for the country you want a visa so desperately. It is a conundrum to me. You want to live here, but you don’t want to be understood by anyone?

That will create many opportunities for simple misunderstandings resulting in a wrong dish being prepared, or a bad haircut. Cultural misunderstandings are far worse in offense, and in results. If you do not speak the language, you can have no relationships with locals. The Thai people are lovely, positive, and friendly. You are missing out on some great relationships while you live here. There are courses for Thai language for foreigner from an established language academy

Happiness is the goal of life, how you go about achieving it is up to you. Sharing some smiles along the way does create a bond between people. How can you tell a joke if you can barely order Thai food?

Thailand uses public announcement systems that report crucial municipal events regarding utilities, construction, and festivals. If you are going to live in a neighborhood, your experience will be open and positive if you can interact with your neighbors. I like foreigners in my country to learn the language.

The Thai Education Ministry is evolving education techniques obtained through foreign-educated Thai citizens. If you hope to find work in Thailand, you had better have a grasp of the language beyond asking for a taxi. In years past, language skills would put you at the top of the list now they are a requirement. 

Speaking of employment, translators receive great pay for document processing. There is an endless stream of foreigners who need people they can trust to translate effectively and efficiently. 

It is quite possible to live in Thailand without speaking the language. Life is simple here, that benefit that draws us all to live here. There is a core of 100 words and phrases for any language. To spend 30+ years in a country and not learn the language takes focus and intent. There are visa programs to make learning the language easy and your stay simple. 

The key to the dual pricing mystery is not a pink ID or yellow book. Bartering is a mainstay of retail operation in markets here. The first price they give is rarely the lowest price they will take. How can you politely negotiate cost savings for your entire life here? Learn the language. 

Thailand is visited by 25+ million from more countries than you imagine. The diversity in cultures, languages, food preferences, and body language is vast and confusing to Thai people, and me. Taking the time to learn some simple, and kind phrases will gain you compliments from locals. Their smiles motivate me to learn more. 

They will laugh with you and joke about mistakes. Why not? That is as clean and simple humor as exists today. Laugh with them. Everyone speaks “smile”.




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