Interior design ideas you can try this 2024


Get ready for a change in your Instagram feed. You’ll start seeing more cozy, textured, and whimsical decor in bedrooms and living rooms, rather than sleek, minimalist designs. In 2024, interior design will be all about combining plush, soft textures for a cozy and luxurious feel that enhances comfort and mood.

Now’s the time to rethink your home setup, whether it’s creating a cozy nook for relaxation or upgrading your interior design.

This article will cover the top six interior design ideas for 2024. If you’re working on your home, consider these expert-highlighted trends. 

Zellige Tiles

In 2024, Zellige tiles will become increasingly popular among homeowners and designers. These intricately crafted tiles are favored for their ability to add depth and texture to different areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Manufacturers are responding to this demand by offering a wide range of designs and colors.

What sets Zellige tiles apart, especially for flooring, is their versatility. Whether you prefer stars, hexagons, or elongated pentagons, the various tile shapes provide endless options. Moreover, they come in a diverse array of shades, spanning from earthy tones to bold colors. This flexibility allows for creating visually stunning floors that effortlessly complement any furniture and design style, be it modern or traditional.

Textured Walls

In 2024, the trend is all about adding natural dimension and movement to spaces, whether through limewash paint or other textured finishes. Forget flat paint and one-color rooms—textured walls are the new focus, offering plenty of options to customize your space.

Textured walls aren’t just about looks—they’re a smart choice too. They hide any imperfections on the wall surface, giving your space a polished appearance. Plus, they add visual interest by drawing attention away from flaws or structural issues.

Deciding to use textured walls in your space can be driven by different factors. Maybe you want to enhance the look, add warmth, or simply address practical concerns. Whatever the reason, textured walls offer a versatile solution for sprucing up your space. In the end, this results in a space that is more visually attractive and welcoming for both you and your guests, whether you’re living there or considering it as a house and lot for sale.

Eat-In Kitchens

Enjoying meals together is one of life’s simple pleasures, and it all starts in the kitchen. While kitchens are traditionally seen as practical spaces rather than design showcases, they’re making a comeback.

Many families are ditching formal dining rooms. With kitchens getting bigger, homeowners are opting to create cozy breakfast nooks or banquettes in unused corners.

These areas are perfect for adding personality and color to your home. Paint the walls with bold colors, add quirky accessories like designer fire extinguishers for a touch of fun, and invest in quality oven-to-table cookware that not only adds charm but also looks great on display.


Wallpaper has been making a comeback for quite some time now, but 2024 is set to be the year it becomes a must-have in interior design. If you’re looking to elevate your space with a standout piece, consider adding wallpaper. With a wide range of prints and textures available, it’s a fantastic way to showcase your personality in a timeless and eye-catching manner.

One of the best things about modern wallpaper is its versatility. Unlike the wallpaper of previous generations, today’s options offer endless design possibilities. Plus, with the advent of peel-and-stick wallpaper, it’s now easier than ever for renters or DIY enthusiasts to install it themselves.

New Earth Tones

Scandi-inspired design takes on a new warmth, moving away from its cool and minimalist roots to embrace a cozy and comforting vibe. This evolution introduces a palette of warm neutrals, replacing greys with earthy beiges, contemporary off-whites, and taupes. These colors blend seamlessly with the natural materials and simple decor typical of Scandinavian homes, enhancing their inviting and relaxed ambiance.

Decorative Storage Box

In 2024, design will be all about simplicity and calmness, with a focus on minimalism. Pretty storage boxes are becoming increasingly popular, offering you a stylish solution to decluttering while adding personality to your spaces.

These storage boxes are in high demand for organizing your home offices, tidying up your children’s items, storing cosmetics, and adding style to various areas of your house.

You are realizing that less clutter means less stress, and you’re exploring diverse storage options beyond traditional woven baskets. Mixing and matching storage solutions to integrate seamlessly with your decor is now the trend, moving away from uniformity throughout your home.

Final Thoughts

As we step into 2024, interior design is shifting towards cozy, textured, and inviting spaces. With a focus on comfort and mood enhancement, bedrooms and living rooms are becoming havens of warmth and personality.

Whether it’s reimagining our home setups or embracing new design trends, now is the time to create spaces that reflect our individuality and promote a sense of well-being.




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