Google Shopping Takes Aim at Amazon


Google has long envied Amazon’s position in the online retail space.  Previous efforts to displace Amazon have not been successful.  In 2020 Google made a strategic pivot and stopped trying to compete with Amazon as a shopping and fulfilment destination.

Instead of competing with Amazon’s delivery service, Google went back to its strengths and is now focusing on becoming the best place for consumers to start their shopping journey.  Google is focusing its efforts on having consumers start shopping with its Chrome browser as opposed to Amazon’s website.

As a business owner or marketer, you need to know how to adjust your digital marketing efforts to align with the Google initiative.  If you aren’t sure where to start talk to a good Google shopping agency.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads allow retailers to advertise their products to searchers in a visually appealing way. When users search for products Google Shopping will display a list of products along with their prices, images and store information.  If the user clicks an image they are taken directly to the retailer’s website.

Google Shopping Ads use a pay-per-click basis. When a user clicks on a product, the store compensates Google for the click.

Shopping Ad Titles

After the image, the most important part of a Google Shopping Ad is the title.  Ad titles have a huge influence on the performance of your advertising.

The most important product qualities should be prominent in the title so that consumers can quickly scan through it.  Put the most important elements that influence our customer’s decision to buy.  Analysing your customers’ buying preferences and habits and understanding exactly why they buy your product is key to producing a good Google Shopping Ad.

Google Shopping Ads need an excellent image and a captivating title to win consumer’s attention.

If you sell any type of product Google Shopping Ads should be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Google Shopping Ad Campaign

Creating a campaign can be time-consuming and complicated.  But it can be mastered with some patience and good guidance.

Choose the products you want to advertise.  Consider which of our products are relevant to the widest possible audience, or which products appeal most to your current customers.

Create product grouping based on type, price range or brand for your campaign.  By putting your product into groups you can better target your audience and cater to their interests and needs.

Create your and choose your bid strategy.  Use high-quality images, stimulating titles and keywords to compel our audience into action.

Monitor and adapt your campaigns to optimize their performance. Review your ad performance on a regular basis and make any necessary changes. Use Google’s data to determine which advertisements generate the most clicks and conversions. To achieve the best possible results, we adjust our bids, ad copy, headlines, and targeting.

If you are handling your digital marketing in-house download the advertising and selling guide put out by the Australian government to ensure our ads adhere to ethical business standards.

Incorporating Google Shopping Ads into our digital marketing strategy can pay huge dividends when it’s done correctly.




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