3 Reasons to Offer Your Employees Salary Packaging Options Including Novated Leasing


Businesses of all sizes regardless of industry are constantly seeking innovative ways to attract and retain top talent, especially given the dynamic workplace landscape across Australia at the start of 2024. Indeed, as a potential employer in Australia, you should take the time to understand the importance of providing enticing benefits to your employees in order to increase motivation levels across your workforce. One of the most popular benefits that have been gaining traction in Australia over the last few years is the use of salary packaging options, including novated leasing. Moreover, if you are looking to learn more about this innovative way to attract and retain top talent, then you must continue reading this article because it will demonstrate three reasons to offer your employees various salary packaging options, this decision not only benefits your employees but also contributes to your company’s overall success and employee satisfaction.

  • Improved financial well-being

To begin with, offering a range of salary packaging options, including Salary Sacrifice or novated leasing, can have a significant impact on improving your employees’ financial well-being. Moreover, by enabling your employees to allocate a portion of their pre-tax salary towards a novated lease for a vehicle of their choosing, you will be able to empower them with greater control over their personal finances and remuneration. This particular system not only reduces their taxable income but also unlocks a range of potential savings on income tax, thus increasing their disposable income at the end of every month. Similarly, with more money in their pockets, your employees will be able to better manage their expenses, plan for the future, and achieve their financial goals.

  • Attract and retain top talent

Furthermore, incorporating a range of salary packaging options into your employee benefits package could potentially serve as a powerful tool for attracting and retaining top talent. In the increasingly competitive job market across Australia, the best candidates for a wide range of jobs are not only looking for competitive salaries but also comprehensive benefits that can enhance their overall employment experience. Similarly, if you or your business is able to offer novated leasing and other salary packaging options, you will be able to set your company apart from the competition in your industry as an employer of choice.

  • Enjoy cost savings and efficiencies

Finally, embracing the use of salary packaging options for your employees could potentially yield significant cost savings and efficiencies of scale for your business. Moreover, the use of salary sacrifice options, including novated leasing in particular, can help to alleviate the burden of providing company vehicles while still meeting the transportation needs of your employees.

  • Improved financial well-being
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Enjoy cost savings and efficiencies

To summarise, offering your employees a range of salary packaging options, including salary sacrifice or novated leasing, can yield a plethora of benefits for both your employees and your organization as a whole, while by enhancing the financial well-being of your existing employees, attracting new talent and enjoy numerous cost savings, the use of salary packaging options can be a strategic asset.




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